Oil Industry Recruitment Fraud Alert

This scam is currently resurfacing and usually involves the false use of the Shell or Total oil companies identity. There are some other variations on these as well.

The conmen are either using the networking site LinkedIn to advertise this scam through others although I understand some get emails also for this.

The job advertisement states that the oil company Shell or Total is looking for potential candidates for a project and request resumes be forwarded. They then respond with further information requests to complete Total documents regarding experience etc. They then request you to telephone a Total number which is actually manned by someone when documents are sent. This is followed up by an email from a recruiter confirming success with the new position

The scam then states that you will need to go to the USA or some other place for training. Then you get a request to contact their travel department with a telephone number and when you do they ask for your passport number and other particulars. They then ask you to send by Western Union the sum of GBP 489 Pounds for the travel expenses (or some other amount as it varies). The actual travel agency doesn’t really exist, you will get a name but when you check it is fictitious.

When someone is stupid enough to send the money (and many do) they get a reference number to call an airline for specific flight details. These guys are thorough as they make reservations whether paid for is unknown) in some cases, but this is part of the sophisticated scam.

When you find that it’s not the correct booking and follow it up they come out with some new requirements (the latest being new safety rules requiring a security clearance with respect to international terrorism and have been requesting people to send by Western Union GBP2,990 (yes nearly 3,000 pounds)! and state that this will be refunded later by Total or whatever oil company. They then pile the pressure on by saying this is the only way for you to take up the new job you just got and to which you paid out 489 pounds already.

When you refuse they come back with some good news from the management requiring just 40% of the amount requested, Many think that’s great and send off more thinking they have a job so it’s worth the expense. These guys are good and even have a booking for you at top hotels to complete the illusion when you call and check.

In the end if they don’t get you suckered for more funds they disappear or they continue milking you for more. The fact is that Total or Shell or anyone else recruits like this and all recruitment is done form head office HR departments. The same applies for most every other company, drilling or otherwise, and none require money for jobs.



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