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Welcome to the weekly newsletter for the latest news on shipping, offshore and drilling industries with the latest jobs. This newsletter has the latest news stories and information on offshore employment, new projects and more. For those looking at working offshore or within the maritime industries this will give you some basic information on what is happening in the offshore industry and what jobs are there and more importantly for new entry people what qualifications and experience is required.

I am in the offshore drilling industry and have been for 30 years and I have no interest or other attachment to any company or operator or employment company. The site is funded by people clicking on advertising only. The site offers no easy money or easy job advice, as there isn’t any and times are tough in the industry as well. I will where possible advise on the best strategy to try and get new jobs or transfer within the industry but you have to do the legwork and keep at it.

I am still expanding and adding information and currently adding drilling company information by company and also the current job vacancies and how to submit an application and each drilling company page will have the latest job vacancies for that company listed.

As jobs come and go daily the general jobs vacant pages will be updated weekly as well so do come and check regularly.

Also the newsletter has had many people sign up and this will give latest employment opportunities and industry news. It helps for new entry candidates to learn as much as they can about what is going on, knowing helps your chances


Do not pay anyone and do not pay or register for any scheme on any website that says they will help you find an offshore job. You will never get a job this way and you will lose your money and maybe a lot more. You can get your own jobs by approaching drilling companies, and while there are agencies that supply people however they don’t charge you either. Every company has different ways of having candidates submit a Resume or CV, some are by email and other will only accept by registering on the website.

Do not respond or deal with any company who purports to be recruiting for a drilling or other offshore company, you must go to them directly. Do not be misled with any person or company who uses a company logo or other trademark to legitimize their activities. In some cases job hunters are being contacted directly, by phone and e-mail. Do not be suckered in with these people. They typically offer high paying jobs and request that you send money to pay for visa applications and processing fees, or they may request your personal banking information. DO NOT DO THIS! No offshore drilling company requests any type of advance payment as part of any recruiting or hiring process, and never will any ask for personal banking information in an e-mail communication. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED.

Drilling News

US DRILLING ACTIVITY OCT 2 US rig count gains another 7 units as to 1,024 rigs working. Land operations gained 4 rigs to reach 983 working. Rig counts in inland waters gained 2 units to 9 rigs and in the Gulf of Mexico, the count grew by 1 rig to reach 31. A total of 32 rigs were working in US coastal waters. The number of rigs drilling for oil increased by 6 rigs to 303 this week, while those drilling for natural gas were up 2 to 712 units. There were 9 rigs unclassified, which is down 1 rig from last week. Directional drilling decreased by 10 rigs to 184 units, while horizontal drilling gained 2 units to 444 rigs in operation. Texas made the largest gain among the major producing states, up 14 to 390 units drilling. Rig counts for Alaska, Arkansas, California, Louisiana, and Wyoming all remained unchanged at 6, 40, 21, 153, and 38, respectively. New Mexico and North Dakota each lost 1 rig reaching 46 and 47 units drilling, respectively. Down 2 rigs was Oklahoma with 74 units working. Colorado’s count reached 39 rigs, down 7 units from a week ago. In other states of interest, Utah gained 3 rigs to 16, Pennsylvania gained 2 rigs to 56, and West Virginia. remained unchanged at 20 units. Canada’s rig count increased by 10 units to 238 this week, compared with 431 rigs working in the same period last year.

NEW DRILLSHIP Chevron USA Inc. has started operations with the Transocean Discoverer Clear Leader ultra-deepwater drillship in the Gulf of Mexico. Chevron is using the specially built vessel under a 5-year contract with Transocean on projects including Tahiti and Jack/St. Malo fields. Transocean technology enables the drillship to conduct parallel drilling operations from a single derrick. The ship can drill to 40,000 ft in as much as 12,000 ft of water. The drilling contractor will commission a second drillship for Chevron, the Discoverer Inspiration, early next year. The vessels are among five ultra-deepwater enhanced Enterprise-class drillships that Transocean plans to commission this year and next. Others, all under contract, are Discoverer Americas, Discoverer India, and Discoverer Luanda. The double-hull, dynamically positioned Discoverer Clear Leader is 835 ft long, 125 ft wide, and a 62 ft deep and has an operating draft of 42 ft. Its moon pool measures 72.5 ft by 30 ft. The 226-ft dual-activity derrick measures 80 ft by 80 ft at the base and 20 ft by 60 ft at the top. The ship can work in winds up to 60 knots and waves as high as 30 ft. Daewoo Shipbuilding & Marine Engineering Co. Ltd. built the ship at Okpo, South Korea.

Timor Sea Rig Blowout Update. The attempt to plug a well which has been leaking oil into the Timor Sea for more than a month has failed. The spill at PTTEP Australasia's Montara well-head platform, where Seadrills jackup rig West Atlas was drilling more than 200km off the Kimberley coast, began on August 21. Some images after the incident showed sweet light crude oil and condensate enveloping the rig and personnel were all safely evacuated. PTTEP have announced that the first attempt to pump heavy mud into the leaking well have failed. The drilling team had to locate and intersect a piece of steel casing, 2.6km below the sea bed. The intercept operation may involve several passes and complex calculations using sophisticated equipment and software to narrow down the exact location of the leaking well casing. The rescue intervention rig West Triton is performing the task. In spite of the politicizing of the incident such events like this are very rare. The causes of the incident are being investigated

OGX/Maersk Discovery. Well 1-MRK-2A-SPS in block BM-S-29 offshore Brazil has hit pay, according to OGX Petróleo e Gás Participações (OGX). OGX holds a 65% interest in the Santos basin concession, operator Maersk Oil holds the remaining 35%. The semisub Sovereign Explorer drilled the well in a water depth of 100 m (328 ft).

Atwood Oceanics Pacific Contract. Hess Equatorial Guinea has awarded Atwood Oceanics Pacific a contract for a six-well drilling program offshore Equatorial Guinea using the jackup Atwood Beacon. In anticipation of the contract, the rig has been moved from India to Singapore. It is currently being loaded on a dry transport vessel for mobilization to Equatorial Guinea, which will take 30 days.


Offshore Supply Boat Industry Slump to Continue

Operators of offshore support vessels are facing another difficult year in 2010, although there is expected to be some recovery. The (Offshore Supply Vessel) OSV new-building order book of around 30% of the existing fleet of 2,200 vessels is yet to be delivered, although there had been very few new orders this year.

For the global anchor handling tug supply (AHTS) vessel fleet there were 450 new vessels on order, equivalent to 33% of the existing fleet, many of which were contracted speculatively. The next year would be tough for AHTS, with some improvement being seen in 2011 and 2012. The situation was seen as slightly better for platform supply vessels (PSV), with a global fleet of 920 and 220 under construction, or 22% of the existing fleet. The boom of 2006-2008 had been a temporary situation and what was being seen now was a correction and a return to a much more normal market. The hope is that stable oil prices will start encouraging more exploration and production by oil companies, which in turn drives up demand for offshore support vessels and of course jobs.


NEW DIAMOND OFFSHORE DRILL RIG DELIVERED Jurong Shipyard in Singapore has delivered a second ultra-deepwater semi-submersible drilling rig, the Ocean Valor (previously the PetroRig II), on schedule to Diamond Offshore Drilling. Diamond Offshore the construction contract to purchase the newbuild, 7,500-foot, dynamically positioned (DP) semi-submersible. Ocean Valor is the fourth of a series of 10 ultra-deepwater 6th generation semi-submersible rigs built by Jurong Shipyard based on the Friede & Goldman Ex-D Millennium Class design. The rig is capable of drilling up to 40,000 ft while operating in 10,000 ft water depth

NEPTUNE EXPLORER COMPLETEDNeptune Marine Oil & Gas have just completed a US$340 million upgrade of its DP deepwater drillship Neptune Explorer. The Pelican class drillship was acquired in 2005, and has undergone major upgrading and reactivation works at the Sembawang Shipyard in Singapore. The overhaul of the drillship included the installation of a new fifth-generation drilling package.

NEW JACKUP RIG DELIVERED The ‘Perro Negro 6’ has been successfully delivered from Drydocks World’s Graha yard in Batam, Indonesia to Portuguese drilling company Comercio Maritimo Sociedade Unipessoal . The Perro Negro 6 is a new generation MSC CJ46-X100D jack-up drilling rig, equipped for high pressure, high temperature (HPHT) drilling environments, with the capability of operating at 100-metre water depth and 9,000-metre drilling depth. The design features extended deck space and cantilever with an automated pipe racking system.

NEW LNG FPSO FOR SHELL. Shell will develop the Prelude and Concerto gas fields off Western Australia and use the world’s first offshore liquefied natural gas production vessel. The Dutch energy group will use a specially built floating production storage and offloading vessel that can also export LNG for its biggest offshore project to date.

NEW FPSO FOR MAERSK. Work is on track to complete by the fourth quarter the floating, production, storage, and offloading vessel for Maersk FPSO – the Brazil to be installed in the Peregrino field operated by StatoilHydro. The FPSO and two drilling platforms will be stationed on Peregrino heavy oil field in the Campos basin 85 km off Brazil. Its estimated reserves are 500 million bbl.

NEW FPSO FOR BW OFFSHORE BW Offshore will convert the ultra-large 1982 built crude carrier BW Nisa into an oil floating production storage and offloading vessel after securing an order from Brazilian state firm Petrobras.

NEW HEAVY LIFT CRANE VESSEL The Nordic Heavy Lift 5,000 tonne crane vessel BOREASLIS will measure 181 x 46 m and with a depth of 16 m. Its draft will range between 7-11 m. Being a ship shaped vessel as opposed to a semisubmersible design, the Vessel will be able to perform a speed of 13-14 knots when transiting from one major operating area to another, meaning that a typical North Sea to the U.S. Gulf transit would take about 15 days, U.S. Gulf to West Africa (Angola) about 20 days and West Africa (Angola) to the North Sea (Rotterdam) about 15 days. Semisubmersible crane vessels would typically use at least twice the time. The Vessel's propulsion system includes two 5.5 MW main thrusters. In addition in order to comply with DP 3 requirements, the Vessel has four retractable thrusters; each of 3.2 MW and a bow thruster of 2.7 MW. The retractable thrusters can also provide additional thrust during transit. The Vessel will be equipped with six 5.765 MW Rolls Royce / Bergen Diesel generator sets. The Vessel will be equipped with a 5,000 tonne revolving mast crane which has been designed and developed by Huisman Special Equipment BV. The Vessel can lift a maximum of 5,000 tonnes over the stern and 4,000 tonnes revolving. The Vessel is scheduled to have a crew of 52 people which will increase up to 400 as required for projects.

NEW JACKUP Gulf Marine Services and MSC Gusto are constructing the GMS Endurance, a self-propelled self elevating jackup barge that can operate in water depths of up to 65 m (213 ft). The vessel features accommodation for 150 people, 1,000 cu m of deck space, a deck load of 11,350 metric tons (12,511 tons), self propelled DP-2, a heavy-lift crane capacity of up to 350 metric tons (386 tons), and four legs for faster jacking on location. Its hull is currently being towed to the company’s Mussafah shipyard for completion in 2010. The jackup is the first of two new Gusto 2500X vessels under construction this year

NEW BJ SERVICES VESSEL. BJ Services are launching the Blue Dolphin, which is a high-performance stimulation vessel for oil and gas. The vessel is custom-designed to provide 20,000 psi (138 MPa) working pressure via multiple Coflexip reeled flexible umbilical lines. Together with accommodations for up to 45 crew members, the vessel can perform large-volume, high-pressure stimulation operations for multi-zone or multi-well operations. The vessel features a DP-2 dynamic positioning system and will receive well stimulation/offshore support vessel class notation, certified by the American Bureau of Shipping.


HORIZON 1 IS FREE! Somalia pirates have finally released the Turkish 32,173 dwt bulk carrier Horizon 1 and its 23 Turkish crew after payment of a ransom of $1.7million.

PIRACY UPDATE. Pirates have resumed their attacks on shipping as the weather off the Somali coast and Gulf of Aden has improved. The rate of successful hijackings has remained steady, showing that the pirates are having a tougher time in seizing a ship. The pirates resumed their activity in mid-September after about a six-week seasonal monsoon break. A Turkish frigate intervened after the Panamanian-flagged Handy V came under fire from pirates in two small skiffs. The crew fired parachute flares at the pirates and contacted coalition ships for assistance. The same day, a Saudi Arabian warship sent a helicopter to assist the Greek-owned Panamax Peppo after it was chased by pirates. The number of attacks has already surpassed the total for 2008, and the rate of successful hijackings has remained steady. In 2008 the pirate success rate was nearly 38 per cent, while this year it is around 20 per cent, according to IMB statistics. There have been 146 attacks in 2009 and 32 were successful. In 2008 there were 111 reported attacks and 42 successful hijackings. The increase in attacks comes despite a much heavier naval presence and the creation in January of the US-led Combined Taskforce 151. Some 80 per cent of foiled pirate attacks are accomplished by merchant crews without intervention from naval vessels.

PIRATES HIJACK ANOTHER SHIP. A trawler hijacked by pirates in the Indian Ocean has been spotted by navy aircraft and the 36-man crew is safe. The Spanish warship Canarias was heading toward the tuna-fishing vessel and was expected to sight the fishing boat before the pirates could reach port in Somalia. The 100 metre long fishing vessel Alakrana, was boarded by Somali pirates early Friday when it was working waters 800 miles away from the nearest navy escort. Ship owners of the remaining 17 Spanish boats fishing in the area have sent instructions for them to move further off shore or return to port. It was the second attack on the Alakrana in less than a month. On Sept. 4, while trawling in waters off the Seychelles the captain was forced to take evasive action to dodge a pirate attack. In April 2008, a Basque tuna boat was hijacked by pirates off Somalia's coast and held for six days until a reported $1.2 million ransom was paid.

SINGAPORE SHIP LAYUPS. There are now 130 vessels laid up near Singapore as a result of the continuing global economic slowdown. The massive lay-up is evidence that despite continuing press reports of an emerging recovery in Asia, a corresponding turnaround in the maritime industry is still far away. A probable cause is the time lag factor and is the period between announcements of positive economic indicators and the showing of real tangible results by the movement of goods and services. The delivery of many new builds from China and Korea into the world shipping fleet will worsen the situation. The industry will continue to face overcapacity and subdued freight rates as the global economy remains sluggish. The container shipping industry lost an estimated US$6 billion in the first half of 2009. The majority of the lay-ups are in the Nipah Anchorage zone off Singapore, where an abortive pirate attempt was made on Cyprus-registered bulk carrier ‘Good Luck’ on August 31. There has been no major collision has yet in the narrow passageway of the Malacca Straits, or in the Singapore Straits. An accident would lead to the very real possibility of a closure of either of the straits. If the accident were to occur at the strategic One Fathom Bank, where navigable limits stretch just to only a kilometre apart from coast to coast, then such an outcome will invariably mean either the large-scale diversion of vessel traffic or a complete breakdown in the transportation of oil supplies to the Far East and China.

SHIP SINKS IN TYPHOON. Ten seafarers are missing from a container ship off Taiwan after the ship was hit by Typhoon Parma. The Panama-registered Silver Sea sailed from Kaohsiung in Taiwan to the Philippines on October 3. It ran into Typhoon Parma and sank in the Taiwan Strait, which left at least 15 people dead in Philippines. The ship issued a distress call. Three of 14 crew members onboard have been rescued, one is declared dead.

DANISH CREW SACKINGS Maersk Line plans to replace 113 of its 560 British officers with cheaper Asian crews. As it is the case with its Danish officers, Maersk hopes to reach the reduction through voluntary redundancies. Maersk Line states the reason it will have to let the British officers go is the current surplus of officers out of work due to the increasing number of Maersk Line vessels being laid-up. In Denmark Maersk are also sacking 170 Danish officers and replacing them with Asian crew as the shipping downturn bites. Danish ship owners need Danish marine engineers to operate their ships efficiently and safely the chairman of the Danish marine engineers was quoted as saying. Fortunately the offshore industry needs engineers.

The Latest Job Opportunities

Neptune Oil and Gas - Neptune require the following experienced personnel - Drilling Rig Superintendent; Toolpusher; Driller; Assistant Driller; Subsea Engineer; Trainee Subsea; Crane Operator; Captain; First Mate; Second Mate; Dynamic Positioning Operator (DPO); Chief Engineer; First Engineer; Second Engineer; Rig Electrician; Rig Mechanic; Electro Technical Engineer; Mechanic - Contact - Tel: +65 6303 5500 (Singapore) or Email

Senior Electronic Technician - Required for a potentially ongoing position onboard a semi submersible offshore Oman and then India. Candidate MUST have: Previous experience of working onboard a semi submersible or Drillship in the role of Senior Electronic Tech. Survival – BOSIET, FOET or HUET; Medical Certificate; Electronic Qualifications

Assistant Drillers, Junior Drillers, Senior Drillers, Electricians . - Soul Resources is looking for personnel for a new project based in Singapore for a rig that is currently under construction and will go into operations in Far East next year: These positions will be offshore, so offshore experience is a requirement Location: Singapore construction yard then offshore Far East. Rotation: Offshore 28/28. Please contact our team at or + 44(0)208 886 8800

Pumpman/Derreckman - Offshore Congo (Soul Resources Ltd) urgently seeking to recruit following positions based offshore Congo: Driller; Pumpman/Derrickman; Rig Mechanic; Electronic Engineers. Preference is for candidates with Drillship or Semisubmersible experience, also all candidates must have previous international experience

Driller - Offshore, Libya , 10 yrs offshore experience in deepwater drilling / semi sub or drillship. Qualifications: Valid IWCF, Offshore survival OPITO certificates

Assistant Drillers - Experienced deep water candidates with minimum 1 ½ years of AD deep water experience. Preferably familiar with the AKMH drilling package. C-MAR (

Chief Cook - To work onboard their Construction Support vessel working out in the UAE. Six week on off rotation. The proposed start date for this mobilisation would be the 1st of November. Previous Offshore experience. Cook Certificate. Survival & Medical. C-MAR (

Chief Officer - Africa required for a Heavy Lift barge in Africa. The successful candidate would be required the Middle of November. C-MAR (

Barge Master - Africa required to work in Africa onboard a Heavy lift vessel. This successful candidate is likely to be required end of November. C-MAR (

Chief, First and 2nd Engineers - With full marine licenses. Will need to have worked in a similar role on similar vessels. Specification: Friede & Goldman 6th generation semi is now in Jurong Shipyard, Singapore. Water Depth Rating: 7,500 ft C-MAR (

Marine Master - FPSO South East Asia, THAILAND. Urgently required for a FPSO on a 28/28 rota. Previous shuttle tanker experience an advantage. DP experience also an asset. C-MAR (

DPO and SDPO - To work on new build semi-sub in Mexico. Must have experience of this type of vessel. C-MAR (

Captain – URGENT. Previous experience of Shuttle Tankers, and up to date DP Knowledge. Vessel Specification: Length 230.2 M Breadth 32.3 M Depth 22.0 M Deadweight 79,469 DWT Storage 570,000 BBLs Production capacity 30,000 – 40,000 BPD Station keeping Dynamic positioning Single-point mooring C-MAR (

Bosun – URGENT experienced Bosun with Crane Operator experience to join pipe lay vessels, on a permanent basis starting ASAP. Gulf of Mexico. , Candidates must hold a valid B1/OCS visa. Navigational Watch Certificate Rigging Certificate, Crane Operators Certificate, STCW, ENG1, Passport, B1/OCS Visa, HUET, HLO C-MAR (

Senior Subsea Engineer - URGENT to work onboard a large Semi-sub in the North Sea. Must have a valid offshore medical and survival, and have completed ECI and MIST training (can be arranged if don't have ialready) They need someone ASAP with various choppers going over the next few days. Derrick: Dreco 185'; Capacity: 1,300,000 lbs. Drawworks: National Oilwell E-3000 2,500 HP. Mud Pumps: 3 x Continental Emsco FB-1600 triplex, 1600 HP. Top Drive: Varco TDS-5. Rotary Table: Oilwell 49.5 in. diameter C-MAR (

Bosun/Crane Operator - Experienced Bosun/Crane Operator for pipe lay vessels, which is currently operating in Doha, Qatar. This is a permanent position and will be a 6 week on off rotation. Navigational Watch Certificate. Crane Operators Certificate. Rigging Certificate. STCW. ENG1. HUET C-MAR (

Floorhand - Offshore Drilling Rig Australia - Maersk Drilling. As a Floorhand you will report to the Driller. Your main responsibilities will include: Handling drill pipes, casing & drilling equipment as instructed by the Driller or Assistant Driller. Perform work in the shale shaker room & carry out 1st line maintenance of equipment used for separating mud Perform daily cleaning, housekeeping & maintenance work on the drill floor & in the shale shaker room Assist the derrickman in mixing mud & chemicals & keeping mud logs Carry out regular inspection of the derrick & related equipment Assist the mechanic with routine maintenance & lubrication. Maersk Drilling operate a diversified fleet of modern drilling rigs and mobile production units. The fleet is engaged in drilling world-wide and production of oil and gas for the oil companies. Maersk Drilling have built up a fleet of units including advanced jack-up rigs, land rigs and cantilevered barge rigs. Maersk Drilling employs a large international staff in offices all over the world.

Motorman - Noble Drilling International. Assist the Mechanic, Electrician and Rig Maintenance Supervisor in maintaining all rig power generating equipment and drives, blowout manifold, accumulator and lines, and all air, fuel, water, cooling and heating systems. Participate in training as required both on and offshore Ensure compliance with HSE Management System for safe, efficient operations Complete orientation process and comply with all safety policies and procedures Safely and efficiently perform all duties assigned Ensure the motor room is kept clean and all equipment is properly stowed Attend pre-tour, post tour, and special operations and weekly safety meetings Ensure all maintenance operations are safe, and correct or notify persons of any unsafe acts and/or conditions General maintenance around the engine room area, keep motor room and machinery clean and painted Assist the Mechanic, Electrician and Rig Maintenance Supervisor in maintaining all rig power generating equipment and drives, blowout manifold, accumulator and lines, and all air, fuel, water, cooling and heating systems CONTACT. 13135 South Dairy Ashford, Suite 800 TX 77478, Sugarland. Phone: +1 281-276-6100.

2nd Engineer - GOM - Must have experience working on a DP Drillship or Semi-submersible rig, and will have worked on DP systems. You require an STCW or USCG 2nd Engineer unlimited COC, and must be a US National, or currently eligible to work in the US. Employment Agency Maxwell Bruce

2nd Engineer - Drilling rigs, offshore South East Asia. This is a staff vacancy offering a good salary and benefits package. Suitable candidates must have experience as a 2nd Engineer (preferably on a drillship/semi-submersible), and hold unlimited certification. Interested candidates should send an updated CV through Rigzone. Employment Agency Offshore Marine Services

Driller - Must have a current certificate of proficiency by an accredited well control school Driller's level. Must have all normal offshore related safety courses. Must have knowledge of operating rigs with cyberbase / amphion drilling controls. SEADRILL MANAGEMENT (S) PTE LTD in Singapore

Ballast Control Officer - GOM. Requires a valid USCG Ballast Control Operator's License/Endorsement. Experience as a BCO on an offshore drilling rig. Operate ballast control system on a semi-submersible drilling rig to maintain the required stability of the vessel; continually monitor the deck loads so as to maintain the desired list/trim through activation of the proper stability procedures; responsible for performing tasks in a safe, conscientious, and efficient manner under the supervision of the Barge Supervisor. Apply for this position using Rigzone's ''Apply Online'' feature. Diamond Offshore

Captain, Dynamic Position Officer - India. With a one of the leading drilling contractors in the world has requirements for Chief Mate/ Snr DPO/ DPO for their current offshore operations in India. Apply through RigZone. Company Leap29

Toolpusher and Driller - For drillship. The applicant should have a minimum of 3 years experience in this role. Apply via RigZone. Ross Recruitment Ltd

MASTER /OIM - UNLIMITED LICENSE; MAINTENANCE SUPERVISOR - DP EXPERIENCE; RIG SUPERINTENDENT; CHIEF ENGINEER - UNLIMITED LICENSE; SNR. SUBSEA ENGINEER; SUBSEA ENGINEER; CHIEF MATE; 2ND MATE/SDPO – Pride International has been awarded a five-year contract from a subsidiary of BP for Pride's advanced-capability, ultra-deepwater drillship that is scheduled for delivery in mid-2010. The unit is being constructed at the Samsung Heavy Industries, Co. Ltd. (SHI) shipyard in Geoje, South Korea to be initially utilized in the U.S. Gulf of Mexico The drillship is one of three Pride ultra-deepwater units under construction at the SHI shipyard. The rig will be one of the most advanced ultra-deepwater drilling and completions units in the offshore industry, capable of drilling in water depths of up to 12,000 feet (equipped for 10,000 feet) and drilling to a total vertical depth of up to 40,000 feet. The rig will offer a variable deck load of 20,000 metric tons, dynamic positioning in compliance with DPS-3 certification, expanded drilling fluids capacity, a 1,000 ton capacity top drive and living quarters for up to 200 personnel. All Candidates MUST Have: Legal authorization to WORK IN THE USA on a full-time basis for anyone other than your current employer. Minimum of FIVE YEARS work experience on a 5th generation rig. Problem solving capabilities. To Apply go to Pride International Website:

Drillers, Tourpushers, Toolpushers, Rig Mechanics/Rig Electricians - Soul Resources Limited is urgently seeking to recruit seeking various drilling personnel. The client is looking for candidates with offshore experience on Jack-Ups, semisubmersibles and drillships, platforms. Also require candidates with good Cyber experience on jack-ups and land rigs. Locations: Libya, Egypt, Angola, Congo, Singapore. Apply via RigZone.

OIM/ Master - With cyberbase DP Drillships and Semi-submersibles operating in Asia. This will be a permanent direct hire with the company. Send your latest resume, indicating your full contact details, expected and current salary and earliest possible available date. For more information, contact Adecco Engineering Pte Ltd at (65) 66655595 or email your resume to or or apply through Rigzone

Senior Electrician/Electricians - Asia Pacific and Middle East, Singapore. Must have four years experience as a Rig Electrician and be competent in the repair, maintenance and operation of electrical power generation and distribution systems, cranes, cyberbase rig control, rig auxiliary equipment, major drilling equipment and rig skidding and jacking systems. HNC/ONC Electrical or equivalent, minimum recognised Trade Apprenticeship. SEADRILL MANAGEMENT (S) PTE LTD Singapore. Apply though RigZone

Chief Electrician. - To work on the Bully I, purpose built drillship, currently under construction and capable of ultra-deepwater DP operations worldwide, specifically designed for moored and DP arctic operations. Competitive salary with incentives, plus a benefits package that includes Medical/Dental and Vision plans, as well as a 401(k) plan with company matching contributions up to 6%. Eligible candidates to submit their resumes Frontier Drilling via fax to 832.397.5572, via e-mail to, or apply online at

Driller - Deepwater Cyber Based. Must be in possession of a valid subsea Well Control BOP Certificate. Cyberbase and semi-sub experience greatly preferred. Apply via RigZone

Derrickman - For DSV Seawell, GOM. The Seawell is a custom designed, dynamically positioned light well intervention and saturation diving vessel with a 20 year track record of success in the North Sea. The vessel's track record is second to none, having entered more than 650 wells, decommissioning over 150 live and suspended wells and 15 subsea fields. The vessel is capable of flowing wells back to the surface for clean-up operations and can also be adapted to perform well stimulation tasks. You MUST be a US Citizen or a permanent resident of the United States. Comprehensive offshore experience commensurate with the project scope of work. Have a Rigging and Banksman course. Valid Offshore safety/survival course and valid offshore medical certificate Helix Energy Solutions Group.

Motorman - For DSV Seawell, GOM. MUST be a US Citizen or a permanent resident of the United States. Engine Watchkeeping Certificate, in accordance with STCW 95; Minimum 3 years experience in Motorman position; Experience performing routing preventative maintenance and minor repairs on Diesel-Electric power plants and DP Class II Power Management Systems; Solid knowledge of SMS and ISPS codes; Knowledge of offshore production processes and applicable Class / USCG rules is preferable, but not required. DP Operators certificate issued by the Nautical Institute, or comply with the requirements of Guidelines for Design and Operation of Dynamically Positioned Vessels DPVOA (IMCA). Comply with the requirements as described in Section 4.5 of the IMCA ''Training and Experience of Key DP personnel'' document. An adequate knowledge and experience with the relevant class of vessel in accordance with Section 5 of the IMCA document, ''The training and experience of key DP personnel.'' Helix Energy Solutions Group

Catering Manager - M/V Caesar. The 480 foot long S-lay pipeline installation vessel Caesar is a world-class platform for installing various diameter pipelines in shallow and deepwater. The versatile vessel offers a range of depth configurations with a variable-radius stinger (70 to 300 meters) and adjustable length (70 and 100 meters). The Caesar can lay pipe from 6-inch to 42-inch OD. With its 400-ton tension capacity, the vessel can install pipe in water depths in excess of 6,500 feet, and install large diameter trunk lines in shallow water. With transit speeds of about 14 knots, the Caesar is readily available for service around the world. You MUST be a US Citizen or Permanent Resident of the United States. Minimum 3 years experience as Food & Beverage manager in a restaurant or on board a vessel. Hotel Management or Cook/Bakery school. Food handling and hygiene course. Fluent in verbal/written English. Computer literate and very good administrative skills. APPLY VIA RIG ZONE or Contact Helix Energy Solutions Group

HSE Advisor / Medic - Helix Producer 1. The Helix Producer 1 is a ship-shaped floating production unit (FPU) with a disconnectable riser transfer system that is currently being developed by Helix. This innovative vessel will be the first ship-shaped dynamically positioned FPU used in the Gulf of Mexico and is planned for first deployment at the Helix-ERT Phoenix development at GC 237. The FPU will have a process package capable of producing 30,000 BOPD, 70MMSCFD, and 50,000 BWPD and is expected to enter service in the first quarter of 2010. You MUST be a US Citizen or a permanent resident of the United States. Minimum 3 - 5 years related work experience. OSHA, MMS, USCG, and host country regulatory knowledge. Maintain EMT certificate/license during employment with the Company. Paramedic certification/licensure is preferred. APPLY VIA RIG ZONE or Contact Helix Energy Solutions Group

Safety Coach - DSV Seawell. You MUST be a US Citizen or a permanent resident of the United States. A minimum 5 years experience working as an Oil & Gas industry safety professional with NEBOSH Diploma or NVQ Level IV qualifications or US equivalent. Offshore experience required, including knowledge of marine, diving, subsea and drilling/well intervention activities. APPLY VIA RIG ZONE or contact Helix Energy Solutions Group