All about Cruise-Ship-Careers. I have been going to sea as a career for 30 years so I am going to give you all the best FREE cruise-ship-employment advice I can.

I have seen endless websites that offer to sell you EBooks to help you get a job, others charge you fees and promise you a job and they will actually never get you a job.

There are so many rip-off scams that exist to fleece you of your hard earned money on the premise that they will increase your chances to get a job on a cruise liner. Please do not spend any money, you do not need to.



The majority of cruise ship jobs and job opportunities are within the hotel services area, and these are mostly junior positions although many specialist positions also exist. There are many job classifications and all offer some prospects depending on your own background and experience.

The reputation of a cruise ship is entirely dependent on the fee paying passengers having a good time, so cruise ship companies want to employ those who can do the work well and ensure passenger satisfaction. That means you need to be able to arrive on board and after basic induction and assignment to your respective work team be able to start and get on with your job competently, follow instructions and maintain the company standards.

HINT No.1 If you have a year or more relevant experience in the position you are applying for then you have a chance to work on a cruise ship. If you are applying for any position without any experience on the same job ashore, then the reality is that you will have a very limited chance of getting cruise-ship-employment


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Cruise Ship Marine Team

The marine team comprises the Master (Captain) and the navigation officers, and all these positions are filled by very experienced seafarers who must have all the appropriate maritime certificates and licenses in accordance with international maritime laws and regulations. In addition this includes the seamen or deck crew who perform all the maritime duties on board under deck officer supervision. This includes safety such as lifeboats and so on. There are very limited opportunities to join marine operations on a cruise ship without appropriate experience and certification. If you do have such certificates and qualifications then please check out the cruise-ship-employment vacancies posted on the Shipping Pages.

Engineering Team

The marine engineering team on a cruise ship is made up of the various marine engineers lead by the Chief Engineer. Electrical personnel also fall under the Chief Engineer and like engineers the positions are held by very experienced seafarers. For marine engineering positions, you must have appropriate maritime certificates and licenses. This means lots of study and sea-time, usually on various other merchant vessels as well.

There are also specialist positions available that include HVAC, Refrigeration, Elevator Mechanics and so on that offer opportunities for other skilled personnel with appropriate qualifications. If you do have such qualifications then check out the cruise-ship-Careers vacancies posted on the Shipping Pages.