All about Cruise Ship Jobs. Many cruise ship jobs and job opportunities typically are within the hotel services area, and mostly junior positions.

There are some 200 job classifications and all offer some prospects depending on your own background and experience.

Cruise Ship Food and Drink Crew comprises Food and Beverage Managers, Bar Supervisors and Bar Staff, Waiters and Waitresses, Dining Room Staff, Snack Stewards and Stewardesses and so on.

Cruise Ship Housekeeping Crew comprises housekeeping managers, cabin attendants and cleaning crews.

Cruise Ship Guest Service Crew comprises many positions that include entertainment, sports management, retail and other services, casino staff, child minding and other support staff.

Cruise Jobs for Nurse are possible for the right qualifications and experience to support the on board medical doctor.

Cruise Ship Galley Crew comprises Chefs, cooks, Food Managers, Pastry Chefs and so on.

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Marine Team

This comprises the Master (Captain) and the navigation officers, and all these positions are filled by very experienced seafarers who must have appropriate maritime certificates and licenses. In addition this includes seaman or deck crew who perform all the maritime duties on board. This includes safety such as lifeboats and so on. Cruise Ship Marine Vacancies comprise Captains and deck officers and also the deck crew vacancies

Engineering Team

Essentially the marine engineering side of a cruise ship comprises the marine engineers lead by the Chief Engineer, and also electrical personnel, with most senior positions being filled by very experienced seafarers. In the main engineering positions they must have appropriate maritime certificates and licenses.

There are specialist positions available that include HVAC, Refrigeration, Elevator mechanics and so on that offer opportunities. Engineering Cruise Ship Vacancies comprises the marine engineering crew, electrical engineering crew and specialist engineering personnel.


There are many cruise ship operators. They include Star Cruises and is a subsidiary of Norwegian Cruise Lines and operates out of Asia. There is Disney Cruises. Royal Caribbean Cruises are a well known company with good jobs prospects. MSC Cruises is an expanding cruise ship company with new ships on the way. Working on a Cruise Ship isnt as easy as it looks.

Carnival Cruises are the largest cruise line company incorporating many of the well known brand names such as P&O, Cunard and others.

AIDA Cruises is part of Carnival and is also a source for possible employment. And there are always job prospects with a very reputable cruise line Holland America Line


Cruise Ship Work Realities and some basics on what life is really like. It is never like the movies! Cruise Ship Job Applications must be written correctly if you are to be noticed amongst the thousands of applicants. Working Hours vary and this summarises the basics for most companies.


You have to understand a cruise ship is a large luxury floating hotel. It has a large power station for electrical power and propulsion, water making and water distribution systems, sewage treatment, heating and ventilation and one very big air conditioning system and so on. It is a fully self contained floating city so there are many cruise-ship-jobs to keep it running efficiently and safely. Cruise Ship Careers

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