Drilling Job Wanted

by bobby maples
(karnack, tx, u.s)

I have worked for Devon energy as a drilling consultant for two years and was a toolpusher for 6 yrs. I have recently been laid off and looking for someone who may need a drilling consultant.I really need to go back to work!! My question is do you know of anyone hiring during this time and can you give me names of company's that may be?

Answer = I am amazed you need to ask me this question, if you are in the industry you should be talking and listening. You will probably need to reconsider toolpusher job again in this market and go talk to Transocean, Pride, Seadrill and all the others like Rowan. Diamond and so on. Everyone in offshore is hiring good people all the time, you will find you have to put your resume online through websites, best do it well or no one will look, you should be looking at Rigzone daily as well and get registered

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