Drilling Rig Electrician Jobs

by Victor Makarov

A ships electrical engineer would like to work on your company drilling platforms and vessels. I am willing to work as a lower rank electrician, chief electrician etc. My work experience on ships is 31 years, 5 years of which were on passenger ships. I am a constant resident of EU with Russian citizenship,living place is Tallinn, Estonia.

Currently, for the last 3 years, I have been working on "Tallink-Silja" company on a passenger ferry "Superfast 8" as an electric engineer. This is a new ship, which was built in 2001. The working language is English. The ship is fully automated, A1 class. All the systems and mechanisms are operated with the use of the computer.The movement is managed with the use of a joystick. The main engine is 4+16000 kW. Electric generators' power output is 5+1600 kW.
I am responsible for the technical condition of following ships electrical equipment: main and emergency generators;main and auxiliary electrical switchboards;ships power networks;electrical motors and their start devices;electronic parts of ships automatic and signalling devices; electronic power suppliers for radio and navigation devices,batteries; ships internal and external lighting installations,emergency lighting installations;ships satellite -TV,Inernet, and data communication systems;safety and fire protection autimation. There are 1 electrical engineer and 1 electrician on ships crew.
I hope that my high qualification will help you make the right decision. The equipment of platforms and vessels is identical for an electrician.Our politic "SAFETY FIRST OFF OLL"
I am ready to send you my application form and work certificate copies. If any additional shore based trainings are required for a marine engineer to work on platforms - could you please inform me where is it possible to undergo the training course.
At what salary can I expect to work at start and later on? Currently I am working 14\14 days and receive 2500 euros per month.
I can work for minimal payment as an assistant in order to understand my responsibilities and your system. My intentions are serious: "Tallink-Silja" is selling its vessels, butdetest working on 4-month contracts. I would like to have a permanent job in a reliable company.
Where and when can I have a rendezvous with you or what crewing agency should I contact? Preferrebly in Russia or the Baltic states?
Please forward this information to the employment department or please send me the e-mail of the latter. I am looking forward to your reply. I am ready to send you my application form and certificate copies.
Tel +372 53455765. Info tel. +372 5069131 /.Igor/
Best regards,
Viktor Makarov.

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