About Drilling Rig Jobs

All You Need to Know About Drilling Rig Jobs. So many people inquire on how how to get a post on an offshore oil rig on this website. In lots of cases they are fresh entry level applicants with very few pertinent skills or anything else to offer. You have to realise that these are high technology environments so entry stage jobs are limited with a enormous number of people applying for them.

Many consider that the path to offshore oil rig jobs is all golden, but it isn't. Many who do get paid high salaries have spent many years in the industry supported by education and training.

About Drilling Rig Jobs

There are opportunities to get into the offshore oil industry and that includes the drilling industry however you should to plan for this.

Once you are able to get into the offshore oil industry there is a long career path as you serve an apprenticeship of learning the many things that make up what is now a very high tech industry.

In the drilling industry you can begin as a roustabout and in the long run end up as a rig manager, drilling superintendent or an oil company representative if you are smart enough.

What is an offshore oil rig? In a lot of cases people on this site do not know what they are. The term oil rig covers a broad range of vessel types and installations.

They tag offshore oil rig is also generally applied to oil drilling rigs, oil production installations such as platforms and Floating Production and Storage Offload (FPSO) vessels, and the oil industry can also include many service vessels such as crane barges, accommodation rigs, diving support vessels, geological survey vessels, platform supply vessels (PSV) or as they are also called Offshore Supply Vessels (OSV's) and there are Anchor Handling Tug (AHT), as well Safety Standby vessels and more.

About Drilling Rig Jobs

There are opportunities for all these vessel types with the appropriate qualification and experience. Entry level positions are frequently within catering positions, or basic laboring positions.

One domain of opportunity overlooked by loads of job seeking people is the various positions available with third party companies who provide specialist services to rigs.

For platforms they may be maintenance personnel, for drilling rigs they range from mud logging and cementing contractors to down hole logging and ROV (Remote Operated Vehicle) companies. All provide opportunities to go offshore, get experience and of course open up opportunities elsewhere. Many positions come about as you are in the right place and the right moment and get data about openings that may never get advertised. Once you are offshore it is all about networking and getting industry inside data about vacancies. All You Need to Know About Drilling Rig Jobs

There are countless workers out there who just desire to dumbfound you with a spot of bullshit and jargon and also to attempt and get you to shell out up some hard earned cash to supposedly get you a job. Stay tuned to this website for down-to-earth, no BS practical ideas about verything from oil rig roughnecks to rig managers. on no account give funds to any company to get you a post, as these are merely scams.

About Drilling Rig Jobs


The message submission section on this page is really easy to do, but some excellent advice to help you. I know that there are recruiters sometimes going through these submissions looking for promising candidates. If you need to impress people and capture their interest, then take some attention with your entry and make the endeavour pay off. If you put a obscure title and a one line poorly spelt or written statement on how to start, what positions open etc it simply will not get posted. All You Need to Know About Drilling Rig Jobs

On your Title clearly state the position you are seeking. Don't add numerous different ones as no one will look at this.

In the body of your message declare clearly what skills you have that may be of use if you are new entrant. If you have any educational qualifications, list them along with a basic summary of relevant work experience. Going on about how hard a worker you are and how honest means nothing. If you have already invested in all the numerous required offshore safety certificates, then start with this. Above all do a spell check of the submission, awful spelling and poor grammar turns off potential employers. They say you only get one chance to make a first ipression. It is very true! All You Need to Know About Drilling Rig Jobs

An example for you

Roustabout Position Wanted

I have all the necessary offshore safety certificates, medical certificates and passport and I am standing by to go to work. I do not have any previous offshore experience but I am skilful with tools and machinery having worked on construction sites driving bulldozers and diggers or driving cranes, forklifts, rigging, scaffolding and any other useful machinery maintenance experience (put in plain words this) and have good safety ethic (describe your safety understanding). State your educational attainments and even sporting achievements and demonstrate that you are a team player. If you can think of some other experience or qualifications that have some use then say what they are. Put a 100 words or more down and sell yourself. All You Need to Know About Drilling Rig Jobs and All You Need to Know About Drilling Rig Jobs

What do you want to know about oil rig employment?

Are you looking for new oil rig employment? are you looking to change jobs? do you need answers to your questions?

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