Electrical engineer

by D cooper
(Fife, uk)

I am currently employed in the RAF as a weapons technician.  As such I have gained engineering experience in both a maintenance bay and aircraft environment.  I have 8 years experience in the airforce and have 4 years left of my current engagement.  As a weapons technician I have gained an NVQ in aircraft and component maintenance along with a BTEC in aerospace engineering combining these gave me my advanced modern apprenticeship in engineering.  I am contacting you today to seek some advice on qualifications I would be required to have, to

continue my engineering career on the offshore oil rigs.  My plan is to start some distance learning that I can do in my own time whilst still serving in the RAF which will in turn stand me in good stead to be a successful candidate for a
engineering job. 

Any information you could give me would be most helpful.


Mr D Cooper

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