Electric/Electronic Engineer (Automation Equip.)

by Dusan Dijan
(Spincici 61,Kastav,Croatia)

My experience are on W/W deep Water Ships in my occupation.Work on different Electric/Electronic Control and Automation Systems which include all External Elect. Equipment as well.

I' am interest in job You offered in future and ready to do my best of professional experience (24 Years+ additional Cargo Gear Course "Liebherr").

My Question: Do You need my profile on one of Yours oil rigs. I' am interesting in further employment.How to apply?
For any Questions You are Welcome.

Adress: Dusan Dijan
Spincici 61
51215 Kastav


ANSWER - If you read teh website you would know I dont have oil rigs and I dont offer jobs, go apply at the drilling companies at the various websites

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