Electrician Oil Rig

All You Need to Know About the Electrician Oil Rig. So many people ask on how how to get a vacancy on an offshore oil rig on this website. In many cases they are inexperienced entry level applicants with very few relevant skills or anything else to offer. You have to realise that these are high technology environments so entry level jobs are limited with a immense number of people applying for them.

Many consider that the road to offshore oil rig jobs is all gold, but it isn't. Many who do earn high salaries have spent many years in the industry supported by education and training.


1. Recognized Electrical qualifications as an Electrical Fitter or Electrician (apprenticeship or cadetship) in an industrial electrical environment.

2. Degree and Diploma qualified electrical personnel may be considered if this is supported by demonstrable and suitable practical industrial experience in a similar environment

3. Highly developed fault diagnosis and trouble shooting skills within complex control and automated systems.

4. Verifiable Experience in merchant marine or heavy industrial environment


High Voltage Power Generation and Distribution Systems (6.6 kV and 11kV)

Low Voltage Power distribution Systems (110V/220V/380V etc)

Low Voltage Motor Starters and Protection Systems

High Voltage Protection Systems

Hazardous Area Electrical Systems

HVAC and Refrigeration

Industrial Automation Systems

Diesel Engine Protection Systems

AC Motor Drives (VFD’s)

DC Motor Drives (SCR’s)

Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC’s)

Lighting Systems

Uninterruptable Power Supplies (UPS’s)

Industrial Standard Laundry and Galley equipment

Planned Maintenance Systems


Rig Electricians as I said have to be multi skilled and these days there is a lot of new technology to handle. Rig Electrician Tasks vary depending on the rig and also whether you are one of a team or the Electrical Supervisor.

Rig Electrician Duties cover a wide variety of systems that include either High Voltage or Low Voltage power generation and distribution, drilling equipment control systems, and also that includes SCR and AC motor drives, hotel services such as galley systems, safety systems such a sfire and gas and so on.

There are many Electrical Offshore Rig Jobs However you do need to prepare if its your first time entering the industry or looking at changing jobs and moving into more advanced rigs, and there are a great many new 6th generation DP rigs coming out of construction yards.

If you are looking for Rig Electrician Jobs then you need to do some homework on what employers are asking for.

There are many great career opportunities for the Oil Rig Electrician and I will try to give you some basic training on systems you don’t know too much about, such as Dynamic Positioning, Permit To Work, and Lockout refresher Course and also Rig Electrical High Voltage Systems

Check out this page regularly for the The Latest Rig Electrician Jobs and why not link it with your MySpace or Facebook pages to ensure you get the latest job info. Also check out the Rig Electrician Job Descriptions to see if you meet them, and so you can plan on what you need to know. All You Need to Know About the Electrician Oil Rig


Use caution when paying out money to sites such as oilcareer.com and oiljob.com, they make all sorts of amazing claims of be working in 72 hours and so on, absolutely no one I know in the industry ever got a job of any sort within any time period even though they had many years of experience. You do not have to pay any agency or company anything to find a job, so be warned! I know this as I was also suckered in by this outfit. I know several experienced oil rig electricians who tried this without success. All You Need to Know About the Electrician Oil Rig