Employment - cook / waitperson / barista / logistics

by Arlya Thomson
(Perth W.A)

My Qualifications are 15 years Hospitality experience inclusive of 2 1/2 years experience as a Duty Manager and other supervisory experiences, further experience is 3 years within the logistics Industry of which I am familiar with Customs and Quarantine rules and regulations, cert III warehouse, transport and Storage.

I am 41 years of age, single with no dependents.
Born and raised in Dampier W.A, remoteness is not a concern for myself.

Would you mind telling me if I am wasting my time or a prospective employers time in applying for Hospitality positions in the mining industry either offshore or land bound? I appreciate your candidness and look forward too hearing from you.

ANSWER - No but you cant be jack of all trades, better pick one and go for it, seems to me best that you rework your CV so it reflects cooking/catering, and then start going for the mining opportunities, usually via catering contractors. There sure is a lot up that way so best use that also

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