About Ensco International

About Ensco International. DRILLING RIGS (drillships, semi-submersibles, jack-ups, tenders and barges, land rigs). This is one of the largest offshore oil industry growth areas and there are many new drilling rigs under construction or on order as the oil price soars to 140 dollars a barrel and the hunt is on for more oil resources. There are many Offshore-Drilling-Jobs being opened up to meet this new fleet.

Drillships are usually Dynamically Positioned (DP) and the latest rigs are rated to drill in water depths of up to 10-12,000 feet. There are many new drill rigs on order to various drilling contractors and there are also many opportunities. In general the various drilling contractors are trying to outbid each other for scarce experienced personnel on salaries. Drilling contractors with drillships on order include Transocean, Seadrill, Stena Drilling, Pride International, Frontier Drilling, Ensco International and others offer Offshore-Drilling-Jobs


Semi-submersible drill rigs are either DP or anchored and the latest DP rigs are rated to drill in water depths of up to 10-12,000 feet. There are many new semi-subs on order to various drilling contractors with Seadrill, Noble, Odfjell Drlling, Larsen, Attwood Oceanics, ENSCO, Maersk Drilling, Sevan Drilling, Ensco International, Saipem and a host of others that are all constructing semi-subs and there many new Offshore-Drilling-Jobs.

Jackups are essentially a floating drilling platform that floats into its location then jacks itself with very large legs, above the water and these are commonly rated to drill in water depths of up to 400 feet. There are many new jack-ups (nearly 50) on order to various drilling contractors. Contractors with jackups under construction include Maersk, Rowan, Seadrill, Stena Drilling, Noble Drilling, KCA Deutag, Seawolf Oil Services, Scorpion Offshore, Standard Drilling, Vantage Energy, Thule Drilling, Ensco International and several others offer Offshore-Drilling-Jobs


Do not pay anyone and do not pay or register for any scheme on any website that says they will help you find a job. You will never get a job this way. You can get your own jobs by approaching the right companies, there are agencies that supply people however they don’t charge either. Every company has different ways of having position candidates submit a Resume or CV, some are by email and other will only accept by registering on the website.

Do not pay for downloading lists of companies, this is as cam, as the vast majority will not even look at any CV from someone without experience and in most cases they do not have such positions except in the country of operation and so these jobs go to local people, such as Angola, or Brasil and so on.

This site has all of the details of companies that offer jobs, and I list the real and current vacancies where possible. Applying to companies outside your own country for entry level positions is a total waste of time, it isn’t going to happen. So having the addresses of companies in countries other than your own is absolutely pointless and you can find the list for free on the internet, don't pay for large mailing lists!

Do not respond or deal with any company who purports to be recruiting for a drilling company , you must go to them directly. Do not be misled with any person or company who uses a company logo or other trademark to legitimize their activities. In some cases job hunters are being contacted directly, by phone and e-mail. Do not be suckered in with these people. They typically offer high paying jobs and request that you send money to pay for visa applications and processing fees, or they may request your personal banking information. DO NOT DO THIS!

No offshore drilling company requests any type of advance payment as part of any recruiting or hiring process, and never will any ask for personal banking information in an e-mail communication. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED. About Ensco International