FPSO career seeker - Mechanical Maintenance

by Prabhakara Raju

I am a graduate in Mechanical Engineering with seventeen years of experience in Mechanical maintenance of Gas turbines and Gas turbine based Power generation and Natural Gas industry equipment, summarized in the order of my core competencies as below:

? Gas Turbine Field services: Seven years as OEM Technical Advisor for performing Overhauling of various General Electric heavy duty gas turbines, Steam turbines, Generators along with functional experience in Gas turbine control systems.

? Mechanical Department ? Power generation industry: Seven years in maintenance services of Gas turbine based power plants.

? Mechanical Department ? Natural Gas industry: Three years in Maintenance services of Natural gas Compressor Station. Experience includes construction, Pre ? commissioning and commissioning of Natural gas pipeline, Gas turbine Compressor station and associated facilities.

After seventeen years in Maintenance services of Gas turbine based Energy and Natural gas transportation industry, I am seeking to align myself to offshore ? E&P sector in anticipation of favorable growth prospects. With my proven ability in maintenance field and self starting capabilities, I am positive about adapting to this challenge and playing a significant role in offshore sector.

I would really appreciate your advice in this regard.


Prabhakar Raju


Prabhakar Raju BVS

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