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All About Hornbeck-Offshore-Services. They are a leading provider of technologically advanced, new generation OSVs serving the offshore oil and gas industry, primarily in the U.S. Gulf of Mexico and in international markets.

The focus of the OSV business is on complex exploration and production activities, which include deepwater, deep well and other logistically demanding projects. They are also a leading transporter of petroleum products through our tug and tank barge segment serving the energy industry, primarily in the northeastern United States and Puerto Rico.

OSVs primarily serve exploratory and developmental drilling rigs and production facilities and support offshore construction and subsea maintenance activities. OSVs differ from other types of marine vessels in their cargo carrying flexibility and capacity. In addition to transporting deck cargo, such as pipe or drummed material and equipment, OSVs also transport liquid mud, potable and drilling water, diesel fuel, dry bulk cement and personnel between shore bases and offshore rigs and facilities

Hornbeck Offshore-Services

In 1997, they began a program to construct new generation OSVs based upon the proprietary designs of our in-house team of naval architects. They have since constructed 17 new generation OSVs using these proprietary designs, and expanded the fleet with the acquisitions of additional new generation OSVs. The fleet of 44 OSVs is among the youngest fleets in the industry. They also own and operate two anchor handling/ towing -supply vessels (AHTSV). All About Hornbeck-Offshore-Services

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