HPC Registered Paramedic looking for Offshore Medic opportunity

by Colin Picton
(Pembrokeshire, Wales,Uk)

Hi im currently employed by the welsh ambulance service as a Paramedic where i have been employed for the past 12 years, during this time i have been exposed to many types of incidents and accidents that has given me such valuable experience, i have also worked on the commissioning of a local LNG Plant working in the Medic Centre as 'Site Medic', i worked here for extra experience whilst maintaining my current position. My responsibilities was the day to day running and up keep of the med centre, making sure all equipment was serviced and in full working order, oredering drugs and equipment as and when required. I also initiated a 'Well Man' clinic held twice a week where the guys working on site could come in any time during the morning for a routine health check, this would include, Blood pressure, Blood Sugar, Cholestral and ECG, i found that this was very useful and was very successful, making sure all staff felt valued and appreciated whilst knowing they were giving a vote of good health. I also during this process identified and picked up health conditions which would possibly not been picked up before, therefore these guys got put in touch with our local doctor and treatment initiated for their condition.

During my job as a Paramedic i have dealt with many volitile and sensitive situations, which has given great understanding that my job is not just about administering first aid but to empathise with people and be a good listener, i have worked hard to get where iam today and proud at what i do, and very much love my job, but sometimes in life you need a new challenge and i feel that the responsibilities and experience i have been exposed to will give me the tools required to be very successful for somebody if only given the opportunity. Im 37 yr old family man who wants to now move onto this very exciting Medic Role offshore, im willing to participate in any training necessary to make this role a very successful one

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