i would like to work away as a chef or house keeper

by beth allen
(perth, wa)

hi my name is beth allen i am a 27 year old female that would love to work away i am currently manager at The Inn which is based in mahogony creek mundaring perth i am also a qualified chef to be ohnest i really just want to put my head down and work for the next few years and save money if you could email how i go about getting a job away i would much appreciate it thanks heaps could you please email me on bethtuiallen@yahoo.com

Answer - First you would need to know what it is you want to do, there are no generalizations. If its cooking then you would need a commercial cooking qualification as a minimum which you say you have. Working offshore you would need to contact one of the large catering contractors such as Sodexho as a start point, office in Perth as lots of offshore projects coming.

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