looking for offshore medic position.

by Diana Chavers
(Atmore, United States, Alabama)

I am a highly skilled, nationally registered paramedic who also possesses state licenses for both Alabama and Florida. I have all my concurrent certifications required to work as a paramedic to include ACLS, PALS, and CPR. Since becoming a paramedic, my intent has been to transition into the offshore oil industry. I currently have eight years experience working as a paramedic for a very rural based ALS transport ambulance service. I have spent some time in the field gaining experience prior to pursuit my ultimate goal of offshore employment as a rig medic. Although I do not possess any prior oilfield experience, I am familiar with the basics just from the exposure generated through my rural paramedic exposure. I am well organized, work well in stressful situations and have great attention to detail. I also possess a strong clerical background having been a legal secretary for twenty for twenty years prior to my career change to paramedic. I hold an AS Degree in Legal Secretarial Administration as well. It is with great zeal that I am pursuing employment in the offshore oil industry despite my female gender status. I am truly hopeful that someone will give me the chance necessary to prove my ability to perform in the field setting.

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