About maritime piracy. Many people have trouble separating fact from fiction and thing many have to understand is that modern piracy has absolutely nothing in common with the fictitious Pirates of the Caribbean movies.

One needs to cast away all those Hollywood images of pirates forcing people to walk the plank, parrots on shoulders and those Jack Sparrow, Long Jong Silver, Captain Blackbeard and Captain Kidd stereotypes.


This is an eye-opening account, by respected author and seaman John C. Payne, who lifts the veil on modern piracy, detailing hundreds of very real and frightening accounts up until the present. The recent hijacking of the Maersk Alabama by Somalia pirates merely brought worldwide attention to an issue that has been simmering for years.

Piracy has never gone away, and has become even more pervasive in the 21st century, where smaller crews man more technologically advanced ships. Vagaries of jurisdiction and the vast oceans make pirates harder to capture and bring to justice. In safe havens like Somalia and the Malacca Straits, they are a menace to ships of any type. What is being done about them, and what more can be done? What precautions can you take with your own yacht? Payne brings decades of experience to bear on this threat to every sailor.

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Maritime Piracy is a very nasty business and far from the glamorous movie images that are often portrayed by Hollywood. Piracy Today is also are a lot more sinister than the often bland media reports that fail to understand the desperate and dangerous situation facing seafarers.

Many seafarers get killed and injured and suffer badly while in extended captivity and it is a very big money ransom game off Somalia. Pirates reaped more than $100 million in 2009 from ransoming ship and crews. Also piracy is alive and well in Nigeria which takes number two spot and out in Asia the Malacca Straits while relatively quiet these days still has incidents

There are few Jolly Rogers hoisted anymore with piracy, well very few at least apart from some pleasure vessels that do so for fun. This isn’t fun. Actually the all black Sea Shepherd anti-whaling campaign vessel Steve Irwin does sometimes fly a skull and cross bones at its bow.

The celebrated maritime author Joseph Conrad once referred to pirates as colorful vagabonds of the sea however the reality is far from that. Many label them the scourge and pestilence of the sea and use rather more colorful and more disparaging descriptions. The reality is they are merciless robbers and murderers and that’s the simple base fact. Modern piracy is a vicious and brutal cash based business. About maritime piracy.

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