All About the Mediterranean-Shipping-Company (MSC)

Mediterranean-Shipping-Company is a privately owned shipping company with a very large fleet of vessels.

At August 2008 they operated 405 container vessels with many new ones on order and under construction. They are managed out of Geneva and I would suspect that crew agencies are used.

MSC have just had delivered three 14000 TEU container ships which are the largest in the world

For job seekers you need to send your CV by Post to the address below

Technical Department Mediterranean Shipping Company SRL Via Francesco Ciampa 29 80063 Piano de Sorrento (Naples) Italy

They do say responses are slow due to large number of applications


Watch this page as it is under construction. Coming soon are useful and practical information on working aboard commercial vessels of all types, along with offshore support vessels as well

There have never been so many jobs as now, and the worlds merchant fleets are rapidly expanding with new tonnage in container-ships, and the worlds largest-container-ship and very large crude oil-tanker and very large bulk carriers

Click on this link to find out more about working on ships. All About the Mediterranean-Shipping-Company