Watch out for modern day pirates. The pirates off Somalia have had things their own way for some time however things are changing. The recent high profile capture and liberation event of the US flagged container ship Maersk Alabama changed public perception and as the incident was sensationalized, it then catapulted the piracy problem into the international media limelight.

Another recent and significant piracy incident was the capture of the Saudi Arabian supertanker Sirius Star including its cargo of $100 million dollars of crude oil, which had far reaching consequences and far greater ramifications than the most other hijackings.

Also capturing the media spotlight was the hijacking of the Ro-Ro carrier Faina with its cargo of Soviet era tanks, and that created as much media attention about the actual cargo as the ships capture.

Modern day pirates aren’t just in Somalia, the other world piracy hotspots include Nigeria, and the South China Sea, in the Mallaca Straits area