About Nabors Offshore

All About Nabors Offshore. Nabors International is one of the largest drilling contractors in the world, and undertakes oil, gas and geothermal land drilling operations in the U.S., Canada and internationally in more than 30 countries.

Nabors operates a fleet of rigs that comprises 763 workover land drilling rigs, 13 jackups, 3 barge rigs, 37 platform rigs, and 528 land drilling rigs

Nabors also offer a range of drilling-related services to our customers. These include High-Pressure well control equipment, Specialty drill pipe, Top drives, Drilling recorders and monitoring systems, Rig mobilization equipment, Equipment upgrades, Customized rig design and Drilling consulting

If you want to get an offshore drilling job then at least you ought to know who they have on board a drilling rig and what they do and the average offshore rig.

Rig Manager, Toolpushers, Drillers, Assistant Drillers, Derrickmen, Roughnecks (Floorhands), Roustabouts, Rig Mechanics, Hydraulic Engineer, Sub Sea Engineers. Rig Welders, Materialsmen (Storekeepers, Warehousemen. Nabors Offshore offers some good opportunities.

About Nabors-Offshore

Contact for the positions at the following and attach a CV/Resume in Word Format


Driller for International Field Operations

Rig Manager for International Field Operations

Rig Electrician for International Field Operations

Senior Rig Mechanic for International Field Operations

Toolpusher for International Field Operations

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