Newly Certified Job Seekers

by Jason Rhyner
(San Bernardino,Ca. U.S.A.)

I am newly Certified in sched 40, 6" pipe.

( ASME Section IX,2007 Edition ) I do have About 4.5 years welding...just not pipe!-yet. I am one of those guys people love to be around,as well as, a hard worker.
I believe all my effort I put in by getting this far ,so quick,is all deserved.My question is...How does someone like me find work in such a beautiful work environment,such as the Offshore Oil Rigs? I am hoping to convince any Employer of my work integrity; but just cannot find a place to start. Can you help me find work that Certification qualifies me for? Thank you very much. Sincerely, Jason Rhyner

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