About Offshore Catering

About offshore catering. The Camp Boss or as they are sometimes known as the Chief Steward or Chef Manager reports directly to the Offshore Installation Manager (OIM), or vessel Master or the Rig Manager depending on what type of installation it may be, either FPSO, DP Drillship.

Anchored Semi-submersible, Jackup, Offshore Supply Boat etc. The job also requires very sound management skills and a very high standard of personnel management and communications skills. Nothing degrades the morale faster than a badly run offshore catering group.

The responsibility entails the management of all of the rig catering and service crew and is essentially a Hotel Management position

About Offshore Catering

A rig will often have from 100 up to 200 people on board so all those people must be fed (4 meals a day), the cabins serviced daily, public areas cleaned, work clothes washed and dried daily and provisions looked after.

Experience requirements would be a similar position ashore however many have done service at lower catering positions and been promoted so as to understand the operating conditions and challenges of an offshore installation.

Many marine positions will entail having some formal hotel management or food qualifications, such as commercial cookery certificates

Job Description – Camp Boss – Essential Duties

To operate and manage the hotel and catering services of the offshore rig efficiently, safely and economically

To maintain an efficient and prompt meal service

To make appropriate actions when complaints are received

To ensure that food preparation and presentation methods meet the highest hygiene standards, a practical knowledge of HAACP principles is essential

To plan menus, food orders, catering budgets and personnel work rota’s.

To provide an efficient laundry service all the rig staff and contract personnel.

To understand environmental responsibilities with respect to waste and trash handling

To supervise and manage catering supply quality and quality.

To ensure that provisions are stored properly and stock rotated

Job Description – Camp Boss – Essential Duties

To ensure cleanliness and housekeeping of kitchen and food preparation and storage areas and all the accommodation spaces.

To promote and maintain good working relationship with all other rig departments

To work with rig maintenance team to ensure all defective equipment is reported and repaired

To liaise with rig Medic and Safety Officers with respect to galley and catering staff safety and initiate corrective measures

To perform rig inspections with OIM/Master and Rig Medic

To ensure personal and working hygiene standards for staff are maintained at the very highest level.

To demonstrate total commitment to the rig or installation company safety policies through leadership.

To ensure that all of the relevant rig or installation safety procedures and practices are complied with during catering operations.

To attend, monitor and contribute at all rig/installation safety meetings.

To ensure that all rig catering personnel receive the appropriate safety and skills training.

To promptly report any incidents, potential hazards or abnormal situations to the OIM/Master.

To properly respond to all rig emergency situations in accordance with the rig station bill.

All you need to know about offshore catering.

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