Offshore Drilling Companies

There are many offshore drilling companies and an ever consolidating offshore drilling contractor industry. LIST OF DRILLING COMPANIES and this is a quick guide to the many companies where employment can be found.

TRANSOCEAN The largest offshore drilling conractor in the world and they have grown as a result of acquisition of various other offshore drilling contractors over recent years that includes some of my own previous employers that includes Reading & Bates, Falcon Drilling (RB Falcon) and others. Check out TRANSOCEAN.

GLOBAL MARINE DRILLING I used to also work with Global and they are now part of Transocean.


ENSCO DRILLING also offer employment for people with the right skills. ENSCO INTERNATIONAL are a large offshore drilling company. PRIDE INTERNATIONAL who are now part of ENSCO

SEADRILL Another employer that I have been involved with on the new rig building program and they have a very large new rig build program and are one of the fastest growing offshore companies.

NOBLE DRILLING Another well known contractor and I have a few buddies there. They have a growing fleet and opportunities.

NEPTUNE MARINE is also an expanding drilling contractor with good job potential

FRONTIER DRILLING have a number of drilling rigs and offer employment opportunities as the fleet grows. I have some good friends there and worth approaching them.

STENA DRILLING have a number of new drill rigs and an existing fleet and vacancies often occur.

KCA DEUTAG DRILLING also offer employment for people with the right skills.

PARKER DRILLING have a large drilling fleet including offshore rigs.


ATWOOD OCEANIC have new rigs on order and have employment opportunities coming up

NABORS OFFSHORE This is one of the worlds largest drilling contractors with large land rig fleet that offers a chance to get into the drilling industry

DIAMOND OFFSHORE are a well established and well known company. Diamond Offshore Drilling does have many rigs and new rigs under construction

MAERSK DRILLING are part of the worlds largest maritime fleet and have a number of new rigs.

ROWAN DRILLING have a large and expanding jackup fleet and is a big and well known player in the GOM with new deepwater rigs under construction

TEXAS OFFSHORE and LAND RIGS opportunities are around and this listing will outline many of the smaller companies incuding land rigs that offer a chance to start.

There are many offshore drilling companies