offshore electrician

by StevenJamesDavidHanks
(United States, San Augustine, TX)

I am nineteen years old i just recently graduated from high school i am exploring job's and kinda feeling around to see what would be something that would offer a salary that would not leave me living from paycheck to paycheck and also good medical and other health benefiets.I heard through the grapevine which i have noticed you touched base on alot that an electrician that works on an offshore drilling rig produces a good salary and good benefiets. I have found a program to become a electrical technician and also looking at mechanical engineering and also electrical engineering i was wondering if a job as a rig electrician is all i have heard it was or if it was someone blowing smoke? If so what would i need to do or accomplish in order to put myself into a good running for the position? also is there any other opprotunities for someone with an education in these fields? ANSWER - You need qualifications AND some experience in related field to have a chance of starting, education is nil without practical know how

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