Offshore Employment Advice Required

by Frank Adams

I'm desperately looking for a CAREER in offshore jobs. I have a little experience in welding, a little in construction, a few years in culinary, a lot of experience in warehouse work, but i promise that im a hard hard worker in whatever skill i learn. If i dont know the skill, i am always ready to learn new skills and fast to learn. Theres only one problem and one problem only, which is successfully getting a job to accept me as a 5 time felon. I am currently on parole and am dedicated to find a job that best fits me. Im young and smart and i just want that one employer to give me that one chance to make it in this life. I made a few mistakes in my life. I learned my lesson and am ready to make a new life. I have a family now. what can i do to get a career offshore? please get back at me. Thank you for your time.

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