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All You Need to Know About the Offshore-Oil-Platform. So often I hear from people wanting to get into the offshore oil industry, and most have no skills or anything else to offer, dont know the difference between a drill rig or a platform and yes there are opportunities to get into the industry however you need to plan for this.

In my long career in the offshore oil and gas industry I have been lucky to work or be involved with most variations.

Offshore-oil-Platform These are steel jacket structures that are attached to the sea bed. There are also gravity base platforms. These then have an oil or gas production module on top.

There are also a range of floating structures such as TLP (Tension Leg Platforms) and other floating structures that are also anchored by chains or other methods to the seabed.

Offshore-Oil Platform

On most Offshore Platforms the topsides refers to the oil production equipment that is usually constructed within modules. These may also include drilling modules, oil and gas production equipment, gas turbine and power generation, various pumps and seperators, gas compressors and electrical equipment rooms, gas flare tower, deck cranes, safety and survival equipment, the helideck and the living quarters which also houses the central control room and so on.

FPSO (Floating Production, Storage, Offtake). These are large oil tankers with oil production facilities installed on board. They are anchored to the seabed and the crude oil is carried up to the vessel from subsea manifolds through a hose or piping system. The oil is then treated and held on board in tanks before being offloaded to oil tankers that cart the oil off to refineries. These also may have gas compression facilities for gas and condensate


There are many people out there who just want to baffle you with a bit of Bulls#*t and jargon and also to part you with some hard earned bucks to get you a job on an offshore-platform. Stay tuned to this website for simple, no BS practical advice about the Offshore Oil Platform


If you want to get an offshore-oil-platform job then at least you ought to know who they have on a platform and what they do and the average offshore-oil platform. OIM or Rig Manager, Production Technicians, Toolpushers, Drillers, Assistant Drillers, Derrickmen, Roughnecks (Floorhands), Roustabouts, Rig Mechanics, Hydraulic Engineera, Sub Sea Engineers, Instrument Technicians, Rig Welders, Materialsmen (Storekeepers, Warehousemen) and so on. All You Need to Know About the Offshore-Oil-Platform

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