SAll You Need to Know About Offshore-Paramedic-Jobs. o often I hear from paramedics wanting to get into the offshore drilling and production industry.

There are opportunities for rig medics if you have the right background, qualifications and experience.

In general rig medics are from shore based paramedic based roles although doctors are also seen on rigs. There are offshore based medic training course available as well


The Rig Medic is an essential part of an offshore rig and provides emergency medical care for all personnel along with other various occupational health tasks. They are responsible for the provision of the rig primary first aid response. The Rig Medic reports directly to the OIM/Captain and Chief Officer.

The rig medic provides the following services and has the following rsponsibilities:

Provide trauma and medical care to injured and sick personnel on the rig

Operate and maintain the rig hospital, medical supplies and medical equipment.

Ensure that all hospital and emergency medical equipment is serviceable and rectify any deficiencies

Ensure the hospital and related areas are clean

Liaise with local and/or international shore-based medical facilities as required.

Liaise with OIM/Captain and Safety Officer with respect to injury and sickness reporting.

Advise rig Departmental Supervisors of injuries or sicknesses that involve their respective departments.

Advise OIM/Master when a medical emergency evacuation (Medivac) of injured or sick crew member is required.

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Monitor all aspects of health and hygiene in the rig catering facilities.

Monitor freezer and refrigeration food storage hygiene and temperatures

Perform regular testing of potable water supplies for quality.

Perform regular inspection and servicing of rig eye wash stations and first aid kits.

Assist OIM with regular health and hygiene inspections of all rig facilities.

Advise the OIM on occupational health, hygiene, nutrition and other related matters.


Maintain accurate medical reports for all injured and sick crew members.

Maintain accurate inventories of all medical supplies and equipment.

Maintain onboard personnel database as required with respect to health issues and status.

Assist Rig Safety Officer with respect to all related safety functions and activities


A rig medic should have when required by regulation, a valid medical practitioner’s license issued by the holder’s national or state governing or licensing board acceptable to the appropriate Flag State Maritime Authority.

Where the above is not required then alternatively, a valid para-medic’s license issued by the holder’s national/state governing or licensing board acceptable to the appropriate Flag State maritime Authority.

They will also be required to have the following.

Valid certificate of attendance at a STCW Medical First Aid Course.

Valid certificate of attendance at a STCW Medical Care Course


The message submission section on this page is really easy to do, but some helpful advice to help you. I know that there are recruiters sometimes going through these submissions looking for promising candidates. If you would really like to impress people and catch their interest, then take some forethought with your submission and make the effort pay off. If you put a obscure title and a one line shoddily spelt or written statement on how to start, what positions open etc it simply will not get posted or read for that matter. All You Need to Know About Offshore-Paramedic-Jobs

In the body of your message state clearly what skills you have that may be of use if you are new entrant. If you have any educational qualifications, list them including with a introductory summary of relevant work experience. If you have already invested in all the numerous required offshore safety certificates, then start with this. Above all do a spell check of the submission, substandard spelling and poor grammar turns off possible employers. They say you only get one opportunity to make a first ipression. It is very true!

An example for you

Rig Medic Position Wanted

Perhaps say - I have all the mandatory offshore safety certificates, medical certificates and passport and I am ready to go to work. I do not have any previous offshore experience but I have appropriate medical or trauma nursing or licensed paramedic etc. Clearly state your educational attainments and even sporting achievements and show that you are a team player. If you can think of some other experience or qualifications that have some value then say what they are. Put a 100 words or more down and sell yourself. All You Need to Know About Offshore-Paramedic-Jobs

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