Offshore Rig Welder/ Pipe or Structural

by Eric Stringer
(wichita,kansas via camp leatherneck afghanistan)

I am looking to break into the offshore career field as a welder, I can pass a G6 in stick, Tig or any other process. I have been employed as a welder in the Military and Aviation Industry for 20 years. I am currently deployed as a civilian contract welder in Afghanistan, and have been here and Iraq for the last 7 years. I have a secret clearance, and loads of hours traveling by numerous types of helicopters and have been trained in Helicopter egress and degress safety procedures. I am used to tight quarters/living with many types and numbers of people and being away from home for up to 180 days at a time. I have a military class one physical and am in good health.

I do not hold a offshore or rig safety or the HUET or BOISET certs but am willing to get them with an offer of employment.

I do not have any AWS certs as I have found that most employers will require me to take the same test for them upon employment.

I have been certified to AWS standards from my previous employers some of which have been

Aerospace Fusion Welder TIG stainless,alum,steel,inconel
from Raytheon Aircraft 1997-2002 and again with L# in Kuwait

Fluc core dualsheild 4g and 5g steel with curent employer Force Protection IND INC

Very good with all shop welding and metal working machines/lathe piranah and so forth as well as print and fab

Very strong in repair of torn up or broken metal objects and parts, some diesel and electrical experience as well

some college and some classroom training in NDT mag particle and dye pentrant

WATC Welding 1990-91
Hobart institute of welding and blueprint reading 1994

Available April 2011 for hire

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