Offshore Welding Jobs

by Russel Adams
(UK Northsea)

A challenging world calls for adventurous workers. If you are looking for a job that requires courage, determination, and quick, clear thinking, Fortiesoil Fields (UK) has a place for you.Fortiesoil Fields (UK) is proud to support U.S./ and NATO military personnel in various contingency environments such as in Saudi Arabia, Kuwait,Japan and UK Northsea oil regions. Now With the mandate to recruit expatriate services employees for the NATO and America Army initiative that provides tactical support from civilian contractors for military troops operating in wartime and in other contingency situations.

Fortiesoil Fields (UK) is currently recruiting workers willing to travel abroad for jobs.List of work opportunities includes many support roles such as Heavy Trucking jobs,Crane operators , project managers, Welders, HSE officers, logistics support, security jobs, firefighting opportunities, laundry service, food services support, maintenance jobs, and power generation support. We provide the Army with the logistical support it needs, so that soldiers can focus on the mission at hand.Project plan is 2010-2015.

This is also an oversea employment programm to combat the growing unemployment problems in the world with paid vacation benefits and free housing units for married and single truckers. For more details send in your resume/CV via email:

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