About Oil Rig Catering

All You Need to Know About Oil Rig Catering. So many people ask on how how to get catering employment on an offshore oil rig on this website. In many cases they are new entry level applicants with very few pertinent skills or anything else to offer. You have to understand that these are high technology environments so entry level jobs are limited with a immense number of people applying for them.

Many believe that the road to offshore oil rig jobs is all paved in gold, but it isn't. Many who do bring in high salaries have spent many years in the industry supported by education and training.

There are opportunities to get into the offshore oil industry catering jobs and that includes the drilling industry nonetheless you need to plan for this.

About Oil Rig Catering

Once you are able to get into the offshore oil industry there is a extensive career path as you serve an apprenticeship of learning the many things that make up what is now a very high tech industry.

What is an offshore oil rig? In a lot of cases people on this site do not comprehend what they are. The designation oil rig covers a widespread range of vessel types and rigs.

They label offshore oil rig is also loosely applied to oil drilling rigs, oil production installations such as platforms and Floating Production and Storage Offload (FPSO) vessels, and the oil industry can also encompass many service vessels such as crane barges, accommodation rigs, diving support vessels, geological survey vessels, platform supply vessels (PSV) or as they are also called Offshore Supply Vessels (OSV's) and there are Anchor Handling Tug (AHT), as well Safety Standby vessels and more.

There are offshore oil rig catering job opportunities for all these vessel types with the appropriate commercial cooking qualification and experience. Entry grade positions are mostly within night cook (bakery) and breakfast cook and assistant cook positions.

About Oil-Rig Catering

I have worked in the offshore oil industry for more than 25 years and I am going to have a go and give away to you some no sugar coating pointers on work in the oil industry. If you already work in the offshore oil industry or you are attempting to get yourself a fresh job offshore this space will try and give away you unadorned, practical and unbiased tips.

You need to distinctly realise that it is not as easy and straight forward as some oil rig employment websites would have you fall for. You simply can not walk onto an offshore installation into a new career without some basics in place.

Offshore installations are potentially dangerous places, and safety and safe working practices is what we all live and breathe. For many jobs it most unquestionably is not a training ground for somebody who doesn't have essential safety education or skills. Read the book on offshore safety.

It is up to you to present yourself in the best way possible to prospective employers and give companies a grounds to start you off. The oil field is not for sissies! You need to show people that you have a confident and proactive can-do attitude. If you are someone who likes everything on a plate and your rear end wiped for you, best stay house with your mom or the wife.


If you are looking for oil rig catering jobs, then bookmark or save this page to favourites. I came from a family of marine caterers, and so I know all about marine and offshore catering and what you need to know. This site will give you useful information on Offshore Catering and cooking jobs offshore on oil rigs for Rig Cooks and also Rig Steward Jobs.


Sodexo Remote Sites Formerly known as Universal Sodexho are a very well known offshore and remote Facilities Management company. It is of course always preferable to have previous on-site experience. However if you have a previous employment history with experience/qualifications (cooking qualifications, hotel management experience and so on)

There are also good well paying prospects in Australia in mining operations, all that pay nearly as well as offshore and will set you up for offshore employment. Prospective employees will have to pass an Australian Police Clearance, Pre-Employment Medical (including a drug screen) and general Safety Induction (MARCSTA Induction). If you want to work for the leading Remote and Offshore Facilities Management Company in Australia, please contact Universal Sodexho. Alternatively, applications can be posted or hand delivered to our Perth Head Office at: Universal Sodexho Pty Ltd. greatjobs@sodexho-au.com

Also do a search for Universal Sodexho for your current location for oil rig catering jobs


Oil Industry Catering & Services This is an Australian company that provides specialist remote area catering and support services to the oil and gas industry and also mining, construction and pipeline companies. http://www.oicservices.com.au/

Cardinal Culinary is a US based company that has a number of service contracts with Gulf of Mexico offshore contractors and they employ Chief Stewards, Cooks, Galley Hands, and Housekeepers ( Laundry Services, Kitchen Duties, and Indoor Cleaning) and other oil rig catering jobs http://www.cardinalculinary.com


The message submission section on this page is really easy to do, but some helpful advice to help you. I know that there are recruiters sometimes going through these submissions looking for promising candidates. If you would like to impress people and catch their interest, then take some forethought with your submission and make the effort pay off. If you put a obscure title and a one line shoddily spelt or written statement on how to start, what positions open etc it simply will not get posted

On your Title clearly state the oil rig catering position you are seeking. Don't add numerous different ones as no one will look at this. All You Need to Know About Oil Rig Catering

In the body of your message state clearly what relevant oil rig catering skills you have that may be of use if you are new entrant. If you have any educational qualifications, list them including with a introductory summary of relevant work experience. Going on about how hard a worker you are and how honest means nothing. If you have already invested in all the numerous required offshore safety certificates, then start with this. Above all do a spell check of the submission, substandard spelling and poor grammar turns off possible employers. They say you only get one opportunity to make a first ipression. It is very true!

An example for you

Catering or Cook Position Wanted (pick your position)

You could say something such as - I have all the mandatory offshore safety certificates, medical certificates and passport and I am ready to go to work. I do not have any previous offshore experience but I have a lot of verifiable hospitality or restaurant experience. (All high volume fast food experience is valid, as is hotel experience, but list it all. Commercial baking and bread baking an advantage as is breakfast cook, army or naval cook etc, start low and work up, dont expect anyone to be over-impressed that you were a chef at Luigi's or whatever) State your educational attainments and even sporting achievements and show that you are a team player. If you can think of some other experience or qualifications that have some value then say what they are. Put a 100 words or more down and sell yourself. All You Need to Know About Oil Rig Catering

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