Oil Rig Chief Cook

by Andrii Kryvorotov

I am the citizen of Ukraine. I work ch.cook 15 years on different types of vessel in the mixed foreign crews. Last two and a half a year I work on offshore fleet. I have all necessary certificate the international standards, the American visas C1/D, B1, HUET. I am able to prepare Filipino, the Indian, European, Mexican, Greek dishes, I bake bread and various confectionery products. I make the menu, demands for products, I keep account. I do not smoke, alcoholic drinks I do not use. It is sociable, executive. It is married, I have the son.

About your company I heard many good words from the friends. My purpose to get a job at you on the speciality. I apply on the letter application the form. I hope for cooperation with you.

Mine E-mail:krivorotovand@mail.ru
mob. + 380955269297

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