Paramedic Exploring for Better Opportunities

by Christan Haworth
(Fayetteville North Carolina)

I am Chris I am a Paramedic from North Carolina. I have 21 years of expeience in The pre-hospital setting in multiple capacities from a combat medic in the Army National Guard, to an EMT-Basic volunteer for a local fire department. I have experience asa life guard and Water Safety instructor while attending college. After a brief trial run at attempting to teach in the public school system I quickly understood that I was not happy and wanted to return back to the EMS field and develop a career there. I attended a local community college and recieved my Paramedic Certificate. I have since worked in many positions from a crew medic to a Quick Response Vehicle all the way to a Senior Field Training officer along with the Infectious control Officer for the Emergencey Medical Service that I was employed with. I am currently looking to expand my knowledge and work experience into a different direction one of overall immersion into the daily operations of my enviornment. I have listened to my father over the years talk about his days as a rough neck on the platforms and how much of a bond built between the men on the platforms and that is one thing I am seeking is that team effort to achieve and rise to the occassion to ensure safe and successful completion of a task.

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