by dr.mistry

Agents fool the national oil company in India which is ONGC by recruiting Unnani,Siddha doctors which as per ONGC is against the rules.Every bio data has to be scrutinised by ONGC and beware if companies say that they will not check your bio data.Its cheap labour in india.What a shame...it happens only in India...I am Dr.mistry and work on rig Chitra and have seen offshore medics international in Mumbai close to jahaz bhavan paying very less to medics and said ..No thanks to their offer.Dr.Hajwane even gets them their STCW 95 certificates for a sum...what a shame

Of late there is this captain Rao from BVR Shipping in Kakinada doing the same..that is promise more and pay less after a long time...he says he pays 200 US Dollars per day...rubbish
Doctors in India...beware of these two agents...
Compounders who have no respect in hospitals work with these people and also with fake certificates...

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