Rig driller job wanted

by Shawn

I have been working in the drilling industry for over 14 years now with 6 years as a driller and 5 years as a Rig manager with the last 3 years working internationally. I have a perfect safety record and excellent references from every company I have ever worked for. I have wanted to go offshore for many years now and have tried to get hired for many years now with no success. Every company I try to get hired with refuses to even look at my resume because I have not worked offshore previously. I have even gone so far as to take to steps backwards and go in as an assistant driller to start which I thought would show my enthusiasm and give me a little bit of an edge but nothing. A derrickhand with much less experience than I working on an offshore rig is entitled to apply for these positions yet I am not so my question is; If I am willing to take a major paycut in salary and go back two positions to get my foot in the door, and still no one will look at me, How am I ever going to get any offshore experience?

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