About Rig-Electrician-Offshore-Jobs. I have worked in the offshore oil industry for more than 25 years and I am going to try and hand over to you a little no sugar coating ideas on employment in the oil industry. If you already work in the offshore oil industry or you are attempting to get yourself a fresh vacancy offshore this website will try and transfer you elementary, achievable and unbiased ideas.

You have to to distinctly appreciate that it is not as easy and uncomplicated as some oil rig employment websites would have you think. You simply can not walk onto an offshore installation into a new occupation without some fundamentals in place.

Offshore installations are potentially dangerous places, and safety and safe working practices is what we all live and breathe. For many jobs it most unquestionably is not a training ground for someone who doesn't have essential safety training or skills. Read the book on offshore safety.

In general workers with a important trade in mechanical or electrical or electronics discipline have the best chance at getting a technical job start, however experienced hands is what most contractors chase, and that's perfectly sensible. The offshore universe isn't a charity industry, contractors expend immense dollars and if you want big money you got to help the company make them. About Rig-Electrician-Offshore-Jobs.

It is up to you to put forward yourself in the most outstanding way possible to prospective employers and give companies a cause to start you off. The oil field is not for sissies! You need to demonstrate people that you have a positive and proactive can-do ideology. If you are someone who likes everything on a plate and your rear end wiped for you, better stay house with your mom or the wife.

For people who are not in the offshore oil industry and are trying to get a get-go, do you actually understand what an oil rig is? Most people who transmit me emails clearly don't have a clue. If you desire to work in the oil industry then it's appropriate to be knowledgeable about the rudiments to avoid looking like a meathead. Here is some essential material on the assorted offshore oil installation types that come under the umbrella and generic term of oil rigs.

I am also a Rig Electrician and so I am going to do my best to give you all the information you require to get into the oil industry, some of you will and some will not, it will all depend on your qualifications, experience and being in the right place and at the right time. Good electrical people are hard to find and like many older hands I started my career in the merchant marine and transferred, these days getting good experience is harder, so good industrial electrical experience is necessary.

DRILLING RIGS (drillships, semi-submersibles, jack-ups, tenders and barges, land rigs). This is one of the largest offshore oil industry growth areas and there are many new drilling rigs under construction or on order as the oil price soars to 140 dollars a barrel and the hunt is on for more oil resources.

Drillships are usually Dynamically Positioned (DP) and the latest rigs are rated to drill in water depths of up to 10-12,000 feet. There are many new drill rigs on order to various drilling contractors and there are also many opportunities. In general the various drilling contractors are trying to outbid each other for scarce experienced personnel on salaries. Drilling contractors with drillships on order include Transocean, Seadrill, Stena Drilling, Pride International, Frontier Drilling, and others About Rig-Electrician-Offshore-Jobs.

Semi-submersible drill rigs are either DP or anchored and the latest DP rigs are rated to drill in water depths of up to 10-12,000 feet. There are many new semi-subs on order to various drilling contractors with Seadrill, Noble, Odfjell Drlling, Larsen, Attwood Oceanics, ENSCO, Maersk Drilling, Sevan Drilling, Saipem and a host of others that are all constructing semi-subs.

Jackups are essentially a floating drilling platform that floats into its location then jacks itself with very large legs, above the water and these are commonly rated to drill in water depths of up to 400 feet. There are many new jack-ups (nearly 50) on order to various drilling contractors. Contractors with jackups under construction include Maersk, Rowan, Seadrill, Premium Drilling, Noble Drilling, KCA Deutag, Seawolf Oil Services, Scorpion Offshore, Standard Drilling, Vantage Energy, Thule Drilling and several others

Drilling Barges or Drilling Tenders are a drilling floating drilling platform that is used to drill in relatively shallow water such as swamps and river deltas, or alongside small platforms. They are common in Asia and also southern USA, and are a good way to get started in the drilling industry before transferring into the more lucrative offshore operations

Land Drilling Rigs While not offshore they do offer people an excellent chance to enter the industry and get drilling experience that will enable transfer to floating operations later.


There are many people out there who just want to baffle you with a bit of Bulls#*t and jargon and also to part you with some hard earned bucks to get you a job. Stay tuned to this website for simple, no BS practical advice from rig-electrician-offshore-jobs to rig manager. About Rig-Electrician-Offshore-Jobs