About Rig-Electrician-Tasks. So often I hear from people wanting to get into the offshore drilling industry, and most have no skills or anything else to offer. Yes there are opportunities to get into the drilling industry however you need to plan for this.

I am also a Rig Electrician and so I am going to do my best to give you all the information you require to get into the oil industry, some of you will and some will not, it will all depend on your qualifications, experience and being in the right place and at the right time. Good electrical people are hard to find and like many older hands I started my career in the merchant marine and transferred, these days getting good experience is harder, so good industrial electrical experience is necessary.

I have worked in the offshore oil industry for more than 25 years and I am going to have a go and give to you some no sugar coating advice on employment in the oil industry. If you already work in the offshore oil industry or you are attempting to get yourself a new post offshore this website will try and give you unadorned, hard-nosed and unbiased pointers.

You ought to distinctly appreciate that it is not as effortless and straight forward as some oil rig employment websites would have you accept as true. You simply can not walk onto an offshore installation into a new situation without some basics in place.

Offshore installations are potentially dangerous places, and safety and safe working practices is what we all live and breathe. For many jobs it most without doubt is not a training ground for somebody who doesn't have basic safety training or skills. Read the book on offshore safety and about Rig-Electrician-Tasks

In general individuals with a relevant trade in mechanical or electrical or electronics discipline have the best probability at getting a technical appointment start, however experienced hands is what most contractors chase, and that's perfectly reasonable. The offshore universe isn't a charity industry, contractors expend big dollars and if you want big money you got to help the company make them.

It is up to you to present yourself in the best way possible to prospective employers and give companies a reason to start you off. The oil field is not for sissies! You need to demonstrate people that you have a positive and proactive can-do approach. If you are someone who likes everything on a plate and your rear end wiped for you, best stay house with your mom or the wife.

For individuals who are not in the offshore petroleum industry and are trying to get a get-go, do you in reality know what an oil rig is? Most people who send off me emails visibly don't have a clue. If you yearn for to work in the oil industry then it's better to be knowledgeable about the rudiments to avoid looking like a fool. Here is some fundamental material on the various offshore oil installation types that come under the umbrella and generic expression of oil rigs. About Rig-Electrician-Tasks