Rig welder

by Ronnie Faulkner Jr.
(Creighton, Missouri.)

The honestly what i think about a jobs seaches on a website other than this one. They keep telling me that my resume need to be fix so they can get me a jobs !! And they want me to pay them for them to fix my resume then will get a jobs as a welder !!!! They R A fucking scam fucker !! Well let me tell U why ? Well that b'cos am a hard of hearing and they know it is easy for them to get money from deaf and hard of hearing people that upload a very good resume on their website on what i am apply on !!

They keep send me a email to me and told me pay us we will get U a jobs within 24 hours and U will be very happy !!! Yeah right am smarter than that !! My resume is a good resume. Well had not been working for 6 months now and i had been looking for a welding jobs ! But good news is that am not gaving up !! Just keep going till ,I had land a JOBS !! I want to know if, I am right about it ? Thank you for taking your time to read this serious msger. Let work together and to help eachother land a jobs for ever one on this website. I was shock that this website did not said anything about my resum need to be fix or anything that good. I am not here to play and waste my time like a other website than this one had been waste my TIME !! U know why b'cos a hard of hearing man that can't call about a open welding jobs on the phone b'cos am hard of hearing man that having a hard time understand what they said on the phone about the jobs that am looking for but i had send and apply over 150 resume and apply for a jobs online !!!! I wish i was hearing people b'cos welder who call about a welding jobs get a jobs alot faster than me it not fair b'cos i have to work harder on by apply and email them the dam resume for any open jobs U understand what am saying to U on there ? Well what i am asking U if U R willing to help me out talking to the bosses or to the bosse that hire U for a jobs or a welding Co. that U R working for PLS. Well it sound like am using U people but am begging for a big help from hearing people. I am a hard of hearing that wear hearing aids that can read lips and hear pretty well. I am a hard worker, that is willing to work with other worker as a team player,skill welder that enjoy to work with welding thing to show them i can do anything as a hearing people can do but HEAR !!! I start learn how to weld went i was 11 years old. God BLESS U ALL

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