roustabout job wanted

by Sergej

I have all the necessary offshore certificates, medical certificates and a valid EU citizen’s passport and a mature demeanor to work offshore. I have few months of experience working on a reefer vessel as a deck cadet/roustabout. I have Bachelor’s degree in Transport Engineering, Maritime navigation programme(STCW-95).

I used to work in a shipyard before I got my degree, where I built scaffolding, worked at heights, rigging, did abrasive blasting of ships hulls in the docks. Safety has always been paramount for me and I convey to everyone I work with that safety should not be taken in vain. I have zero tolerance for people who neglect safety and put other peoples’ lives in harm’s way. Safety guidelines were created for efficient work environment and I strive to follow them to the dot. At this moment I work in automotive industry as a technician, predominantly with motorcycles.
I enjoy manual labor and activities that require constant advancement and perfection. During my free time I ride motorcycles, work out and play football with my mates.

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