About Rowan Drilling

About Rowan Drilling. Rowan provides contract drilling services utilizing a fleet of 22 self-elevating mobile offshore drilling platforms (jack-up rigs) and 30 deep-well land rigs.

The primary focus is on high-specification, premium jack-up rigs, which they use for both exploratory and development drilling. Depending on the particular rig and location, they have the capability of drilling to depths of up to 35,000 feet in water up to 550 feet deep

About Rowan-Drilling

DRILLING RIGS (drillships, semi-submersibles, jack-ups, tenders and barges, land rigs). This is one of the largest offshore oil industry growth areas and there are many new drilling rigs under construction or on order as the oil price soars to 140 dollars a barrel and the hunt is on for more oil resources. There are many Offshore-Drilling-Jobs being opened up to meet this new fleet.

Jackups are essentially a floating drilling platform that floats into its location then jacks itself with very large legs, above the water and these are commonly rated to drill in water depths of up to 400 feet. There are many new jack-ups (nearly 50) on order to various drilling contractors. Contractors with jackups under construction include Maersk, Seadrill, Premium Drilling, Noble Drilling, KCA Deutag, Seawolf Oil Services, Scorpion Offshore, Standard Drilling, Vantage Energy, Thule Drilling and several others offer Offshore-Drilling-Jobs

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