All About Seabulk-Offshore

All About Seabulk-Offshore. With operations in more than 25 countries, Seabulk Offshore is the largest subsidiary of Seabulk International, Inc., accounting for about half the Company's total revenue.

Seabulk Offshore's global fleet of 114 vessels serves customers in North America, South America and the Caribbean, West Africa, the Middle East, and Southeast Asia.

All the latest shipping news, from new buildings, piracy issues, accidents and casualties or just plain useful information can be found here

I hope that you find the material interesting and relevant either if you are a professional seafarer like myself or some one who just retains an interest in merchant-ship and shipping or is planning to enter the industry and a career at sea

Watch this page as it is under construction. Coming soon are useful and practical information on working aboard commercial vessels of all types, along with offshore support vessels as well

There have never been so many jobs as now, and the worlds merchant fleets are rapidly expanding with new tonnage in container-ships, and the worlds largest-container-ship and very large crude oil-tanker and very large bulk carriers

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