About Shipping-Jobs and Going to Sea

All about Shipping-Jobs and Going to Sea. The worlds merchant shipping fleet is growing very rapidly, and its also a great way to get some sea time and experience and then transfer into the offshore oil industry.

There are a great number of bulk carriers, container-ships, LNG carriers, cruise liners and crude oil-tankers being delivered and many on order in Korea, China and Japan and other locations.

Also lately has been a lot of news about pirates so read this section on Modern Pirate Ships for an update on events.

If you are prepared to put in the work and also the study then approach one of the larger shipping companies for access to training schemes, and if you have a trade such as mechanical or electrical then its a good start into a marine engineering career. Enroll in a Marine Academy or Marien College and get serious about a creer. If you are after deck hand jobs then good luck as it will not generally happen.

All about Shipping-Jobs is here, from Cargo Ship to Container Ship with leading companies such as Mediterranean Shipping Company (MSC)


There is a lot of work around and most Merchant Shipping companies are searching for suitably qualified personnel to fill shipping-jobs, however to be realistic if you have absolutely no skills or trade etc then chances are you are wasting your time and the company.

The best way to find a job is to contact Ship Employment Agencies for current vacancies. What do you need for Ship Employment ? then check out the basics.

If you have no skills then go look at getting seaman or cooks and catering level base qualifications and experience and start from there. All about Shipping Jobs and where to start.

While many vessels are foreign flags and are manned by Philippines nationals or crews from other countries there still remains a massive shortfall in personnel to crew up all the new vessels being delivered.

There are many new Oil Tankers and just as many Container Ships on order or under construction.

The Largest Container Ship in the world are currently operated by Maersk Shipping and can carry 14,000 containers however the largest container ships are now under construction and will carry 16,000 containers and larger ones to come. However they are operated by only 12 seafarers.


There are many Offshore Marine Jobs available on Anchor Handlers, Offshore Supply Vessels, pipe lay vessels, dredgers, stone dumpers, geo service vessels and a whole lot more specialty ship types as well.

Well known operators such as Stolt Offshore , and Torch Offshore and Hornbeck Offshore Services all have career opportunities. Another company is Seabulk Offshore

WARNING Do not be suckered into paying money to agencies to help you find Shipping Jobs, they will get you nothing! All about Shipping-Jobs and Going to Sea