Somalia Pirates Are Laughing

In a blow to anti-piracy efforts Kenya has formally announced that it wished to cease the prosecution of suspected Somali pirates and cancel the agreements it has with several naval powers. The Kenyan authorities have sent cancellation notes to at least two of those powers' diplomatic representations in Nairobi, arguing it could no longer bear the burden on its prison and court systems. Kenya has memoranda of understanding with the European Union, United States, Canada, Denmark, China and United Kingdom where it takes in suspects intercepted at sea and prosecutes them in courts in Mombasa.

The two agreements that have been cancelled are reportedly with Denmark and of the United Kingdom.
More than 100 piracy suspects have been transferred to Kenya by the Western and other warships patrolling the Indian Ocean to combat piracy. Kenya has recently complained that the strain on its over-populated prisons and congested courts was too heavy to continue. One million dollars have already been paid to Kenya for the development of its judicial and prison capacity but this isn’t nearly sufficient

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