About Stena Drilling

Stena Drilling, is a wholly owned subsidiary of Stena AB, Gothenburg, Sweden is one of the world's foremost independent drilling contractors.

In 1989 and 1996 Stena acquired Houlder Marine Drilling and Ben Line Steamers and Atlantic Drilling

Stena-Drilling manages a global business, holding a portfolio of successful, past and present operations in the North Sea, US Gulf of Mexico, South East Asia, Mediterranean, Caribbean, South America, Australia, North Africa and West Africa. In expanding its fleet of well-maintained drilling units, the Company has had an active role in building and converting rigs and, in doing so, pioneering some of the most leading-edge technologies and innovations in the drilling world.

Stena Drilling has become aware of criminal activity involving unauthorized entities which are using Stena Drilling’s name and identity to attract potential job-seekers for employment, by making fraudulent job offers.

Job-seekers have been illegitimately contacted by phone and / or e-mail, and have been promised high-paying jobs, urged to send money for payment of items such as visa applications / processing fees and to send personal banking information. These criminal entities have targeted many organizations and individuals worldwide and have mounted fictitious websites.

Stena-Drilling will never ask job-seekers for any form of advance payment or personal banking information, as part of the recruitment or hiring process. Should you be made a job offer or request, which you believe to be in the criminal circumstances described above, please immediately report the matter to the Police.


DRILLING RIGS (drillships, semi-submersibles, jack-ups, tenders and barges, land rigs). This is one of the largest offshore oil industry growth areas and there are many new drilling rigs under construction or on order as the oil price soars to 140 dollars a barrel and the hunt is on for more oil resources. There are many Offshore-Drilling-Jobs being opened up to meet this new fleet.

Drillships are usually Dynamically Positioned (DP) and the latest rigs are rated to drill in water depths of up to 10-12,000 feet. There are many new drill rigs on order to various drilling contractors and there are also many opportunities. In general the various drilling contractors are trying to outbid each other for scarce experienced personnel on salaries. Drilling contractors with drillships on order include Transocean, Seadrill, Pride International, Frontier Drilling, and others offer Offshore-Drilling-Jobs

Semi-submersible drill rigs are either DP or anchored and the latest DP rigs are rated to drill in water depths of up to 10-12,000 feet. There are many new semi-subs on order to various drilling contractors with Seadrill, Noble, Odfjell Drlling, Larsen, Attwood Oceanics, ENSCO, Maersk Drilling, Sevan Drilling, Saipem and a host of others that are all constructing semi-subs and there many new Offshore-Drilling-Jobs. About Stena Drilling