All About Stolt-Offshore (ACERGY)

All About Stolt-Offshore (ACERGY). From February 1st 2006, Stolt Offshore has become known as Acergy. The company website is

Acergy have extensive experience of deepwater operations and are used by many leading Exploration and Production companies. They are expert in the design, installation and commissioning of subsea infrastructure, umbilical, riser and flowline systems (SURF). They also offer a comprehensive range of subsea inspection, maintenance and repair services to keep oil and gas fields worldwide producing at optimum capacity. This includes both diver and remotely operated vehicle inspection. Acergy also have much deepwater expertise which is complemented by conventional construction skills and capabilities that includes pipeline installation tie-ins, fabrication of platform jackets. Acergy operate the worlds largest and most successful semi-submersible pipelay barge, the Acergy Piper.

Vessels include the following

Acergy Condor - Deepwater Construction Support Ship

Acergy Discovery - Subsea Construction and Flowline Lay Ship

Acergy Eagle - Subsea Construction and Flowline Lay Ship

Acergy Falcon - Rigid and Flexible Pipelay Ship

Acergy Harrier - Construction Support Ship

Acergy Havila - Diving Support Vessel

Acergy Hawk - Construction Support Ship

Acergy Legend - Construction Support Ship

Acergy Orion - Derrick Lay Barge

Acergy Osprey - Diving and Construction Support Ship

Acergy Polaris - Derrick Lay Barge

Pertinacia - Subsea Construction and Flowline Lay Ship

Polar Queen - Subsea Construction and Flowline Lay Ship

Sapura 3000 - DP Heavy Lift and Pipelay Vessel

Skandi Acergy - Heavy Construction Ship

Toisa Proteus - Heavy Construction and Dive Support Ship

Recruitment Fraud

Acergy has recently been the subject of a scam, whereby a hoax email containing a fraudulent offer of employment has been sent to a candidate, followed by a request for a cash payment for visa processing and legal fees. Any emails appearing to come from email address '' should be disregarded and immediately forwarded to for investigation.

Acergy would like to assure candidates that it does not make offers of employment without first interviewing candidates and we do not ask candidates for any up-front payments relating to any offer of employment. If you have any concerns about the validity of an offer of employment or any communication from Acergy, please contact: All About Stolt-Offshore (ACERGY)