About Transocean

Transocean are the largest and most experienced offshore driller worldwide, with industry-leading positions in ultra-deepwater and harsh-environment drilling. You can work with some of the most advanced rigs in operation in the world, operations that set records in technical firsts, efficiency and safety.

No matter what type of position you are seeking, they have some of the most experienced people in the industry so you will have the opportunity to learn from and share with some of the best minds anywhere. They offer competitive salaries, bonuses, benefits, equal time off (usually 28 days off for 28 days worked offshore) and the industry’s best on-the-job training program.

Fraud Alert

The company has recently been made aware of “scams” whereby unauthorized individuals have falsely advertised or promised job opportunities with the company as well as other companies and then requested payment of monies by the candidate to supposedly cover processing fees, visas, work permits or other formalities. These “scams” typically support these “offers” with forged documents.

BE AWARE – They do NOT make unsolicited offers of employment, does NOT require that potential candidates provide any form of advance payment as part of the hiring process and does NOT solicit personal banking information by e-mail.

You will only be contacted by a legitimate company representative if you have applied for an open position through the website at www.deepwater.com or if you have contacted one of the local recruiting offices directly for employment information. Be cautious of any unsolicited offers of employment particularly if you are requested to supply personal banking information or provide any form of advance payment. If you suspect fraud, you to report such activity to your local police authorities.


DRILLING RIGS (drillships, semi-submersibles, jack-ups, tenders and barges, land rigs). This is one of the largest offshore oil industry growth areas and there are many new drilling rigs under construction or on order as the oil price soars to 140 dollars a barrel and the hunt is on for more oil resources. There are many Offshore-Drilling-Jobs being opened up to meet this new fleet.

Drillships are usually Dynamically Positioned (DP) and the latest rigs are rated to drill in water depths of up to 10-12,000 feet. There are many new drill rigs on order to various drilling contractors and there are also many opportunities. In general the various drilling contractors are trying to outbid each other for scarce experienced personnel on salaries. Drilling contractors with drillships on order include Seadrill, Stena Drilling, Pride International, Frontier Drilling, and others offer Offshore-Drilling-Jobs

Semi-submersible drill rigs are either DP or anchored and the latest DP rigs are rated to drill in water depths of up to 10-12,000 feet. There are many new semi-subs on order to various drilling contractors with Seadrill, Noble, Odfjell Drlling, Larsen, Attwood Oceanics, ENSCO, Maersk Drilling, Sevan Drilling, Saipem and a host of others that are all constructing semi-subs and there many new Offshore-Drilling-Jobs. About Transocean