What does experience out of the rig get you?

by Bing G. Parkinson
(Paul, Idaho 83347)

I have been working and volunteering in EMS for 15 years. I have worked for the past year with a local hospital based ambulance company. The company I work for does not employ paramedics instead we are all Advanced emt's dual trained on the ambulance and emergency room. I decided to become a medic because I was already filling that position. I hoped it would open up some opurtunities. I knocked out the paramedic program in four months and passed the nationaly registry with ease. The written shut off at 78 questions and the practical was no where near as hard as I had been told. I am at the point in my career where I keep thinking whats next. Up to this point I have been and still continue to be: a scuba instructor, CPR & First aid instructor, Rescue recovery diver, volunteer with search & rescue, and a volunteer deputy with two local sheriffs departments. Where does all of this experience get me? I hope there is a company out there that is looking for a level headed medic that has experience outside of the back of a transport unit. Don't get me wrong I love working on the ambulance and I spend quite a bit of my time there. However, how often do you see things that stump you in the back of the ambulance. I did a month in atlanta for Grady. I saw over 250 patients. I even saw several of the same patients over and over. When my internship was done it really was just more of what I already do. I imagine like many of you that we are not typical paramedics.

Take care everyone I hope everything works out for you,

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